Sitting on my favorite couch, thinking on what could be the most interesting topic to write about when my phone started buzzing suddenly. There, someone nearly had a heart wrenching story to share and the conversation, to be precise the virtual conversation kept on going for what it seemed like ages. All I could do is add some fillers (ummmmmm… hmmm….oho) which literally mustn’t have helped my so called friend in need. But the acknowledgement that someone is virtually present must have been satisfactory, I suppose so, at least a tiny bit.

Virtual chatting, most of us familiar to this term, while some are addicted to it, some may use it partially while some may completely ignore it. As far as my understanding goes wasn’t it designed to make our lives easier? But it seems like people are more comfortable using it and investing more time in chatting rather than in picking up the phone and ringing the person or rather making an effort to meet the person face to face. Ah, I miss the old days when there was no whatsapp & FB-messenger but people were still happy, content with their personal connections. Back then people had time to personally meet their friends and family, but now it seems so cold and distant. The fact that people are now less emotionally available for their loved ones wouldn’t be false. People are so dependent on these applications which must have been designed to make our lives easier and not be completely dependent on it. Where is the charm of calling your closest friend and sharing the hottest gossip? When was the last time you personally sat down with your friends (or a con-call) to make plans for the next holiday? Instead people start and finish their conversations, plans, arguments, love, breakup ……phew, everything over chat. To me it seems like it drains me out completely.


There was magic when friends sat down or spoke for hours together. Where’s the magic now? Times have changed and so have people, people now lack that spark when together. Rather you would always find them gazing at their phones even when they are out with pals sitting under the same roof.


Let me share my experience here, I have had my share of virtual chat with friends. Most times to my surprise I was chatting with a different person as compared to the one I personally knew, my share of spilt personality instances I guess. Funny it may sound though but some feel empowered and confident over the chat rather than speak in person. To some it may help but to some it may not. However I personally think that most of us are getting addicted to this and losing the spark in our own personal connections. Just think over it. Are you over doing it? Sit back and try to create some spark in your life, call him/her or just show up.

P.S: You may never know this tiny gesture of yours could get you back the spice which was missing in your life, the spark!

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