Yesterday after I was done with my office, I was on my way home when I decided to stop for a cup of tea just outside. It was my usual place where I have tea or coffee as per my mood but what happened yesterday was something I never imagined. “Hi Faiz!” said someone from behind. I just turned around and there was this unknown guy looking at me. “Hi! Do I know you?” I asked him. “I don’t think so. But I know you quite well.” he said.

I was quite taken aback. I guessed he was from my hometown with the way he spoke but couldn’t recall where we met before. “I’m married to your ex-girlfriend (he said the name which I don’t want to reveal here) and that’s how I know you.” he went on to add. For a moment I felt myself going numb. I had nothing to say. “Did she tell you about us?” I just asked him. “Each and everything.” was what he replied. I further didn’t know what to say because he was smiling at me and shook hands with me.

Maybe I didn’t have anything to say because I had a guilt in me that I was somewhere responsible for our separation in the past. If not completely then partially. Moreover, I had promised that lady that I will marry her which I couldn’t and that literally had broken a part of me inside. Each day I have been living in the same guilt considering myself a toxic person in people’s life.

My encounter with this person changed my perspective about myself to an extent. “It’s okay buddy! No need to say anything. I’m not angry on you or dislike you. In fact, you’re one of the reasons I met someone who I love more than my life. So, there’s no point complaining. Sometimes things go out of our control. Moreover, we all need a kick on our rare back at least once in life to improve ourselves.” he told me.

“Is she happy?” I just asked him. He proved that they both were happy by showing me various pictures of the married couple and trust me she was extremely happy. That’s all I wanted to be sure about. Nothing else I wanted to ask further. “You too take care.” he added after showing me the pictures. I just smiled and said “Don’t tell her we met. She hates me!” just to make sure I keep my rugged image intact. “Oh, she doesn’t!” He just laughed it off and went back his way as I returned home.

I felt quite good after meeting him. Extremely happy. I’ve never been so happy in the past couple of months. I did make a mistake but no more had that guilt anymore. It’s not just me. We all make mistakes. Life never came with a rule book or instructions so we’re all bound to make mistakes. The only one who does not make mistakes is God. I just realize that instead of being guilty about the past, its good that we learn something from it. Though a minor lesson but at least something. Guilt is to the spirit what pain is to the body. Mistakes are always forgivable if we’re courageous enough to admit them. The best apology to yourself or anyone else is an improved behavior and an improved you. I still don’t know if I have improved in any way or not, but I do know that there won’t be any further disastrous impulsive decisions by me in future.