It was midnight.
She again got hurt.
The one who is brave and daring for the world.
Its him who always hurts her.

And she keeps on killing herself from inside.
She decided not to give a damn to the feelings.
But he pulls her back every time.
She has her own way to show love.

But no one finds that real.
She too has feelings.
She too cares.
She too cries.

No one tries to break the shell and see inside.
She pretends to be brave.
She breaks too as well.
They call her rude.
She is impolite.
She is tired being so insensitive.

She wants to shout and say to the world,
I too have feelings, care, sensation.
But no one listened to her.
She decided to move on.
She decided to give up.
Not on herself.
But to the world.

She hanged her feelings,
No one listened neither cared.
She died.
She dies everyday.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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