As a matter of fact most of the old people hate the new us cause they consider us to be ‘ultramodern’ or something like that and hence they keep on blaming the youth for every deeds! But do they ever think that we youth of today can hate them back too and blame them for all the mishaps in our lives?                    Okay, the reason behind choosing this topic is the incident I faced today morning.

I was walking in the morning with the earphones plugged in and the volume was to its highest point. But I was completely conscious about the surroundings. I was about to reach a crossing when I noticed an uncle was coming towards me in his bicycle  and he was probably looking for someone and for some address. The main matter was he was not knowing where he was heading towards and as soon as I noticed he was unconscious about his direction I stopped walking. As expected he almost hit me but I had a narrow escape.
Now the worst part: He started shouting at me! He was like ‘you kids nowadays! Always unmindful and always with this damn earphone’.. Fortunately enough I had some witnesses that it was not at all my fault and I gathered the courage to tell him about his misdeeds. But he was still shouting at me till the time I told him to fuck off! Now that was the turning point. All the people present there went mad at me just because I used that particular term. Once again I had to listen to all that generation gap and all that related crap.

My question is that don’t old people abuse? Don’t they protest when they know it was not their fault? No no no… let me guess. They definitely gossip about things in people’s back and feels to be ‘THE ACHIEVER’ for nothing.

Just because we prefer protesting on spot we belong to the so called bad generation? Yes we definitely have a huge generation gap and according to you that is why we girls nowadays getting molested mostly by people of your generation no? Your generation can wear a transparent ‘DHOTI’ with almost everything visible but our generation can not wear low waist jeans? Your generation can wear ‘SAREE’ with almost whole of the tummy visible but we can not wear crop tops?

Clap uncles aunties! Round of applause for you. Still you people think you deserve respect just because you’re senior? Sorry sir/madam, I can’t!