The term more often is used in the Urban or what we call nowadays, the “Metro cities” where people from different states come in search of jobs and then they settle down with their respective FWB(friends with benefits).

But we do not realize that in these metro cities so many hearts get broken and so many calls get ignored and some gets ignored in person.

It’s easy to go on a hoola-hoo ride of FWB with the Adrenaline rush,  and that guides our way to each other’s arms. But it’s not long before we realize that we have become empty and this FWB thing is draining us from inside.

After a long day of work, we come home and then we have that urge of not stopping ourselves from texting that “FWB” first, and hours go by and we stare at our phone when the screen will lit up it with that one text from the FWB and their names appearing as bright as the daylight.

At office in between our work we steal glances at our newly met favorite person, it all seems so exciting in the beginning but slowly starts to wear off when we see that person everyday.  The long rides after office, stroll by the roadside and having lunch/dinner together in the office cafeteria.

We get so much caught up in these temporary feelings that when they leave our lives it leaves us deserted and there this void gets created which is very difficult to understand. All the sudden emotions flooding in but the person is missing with whom we would have shared it.


The commitment less Cuddles and holding hands, meaningless fights and the secret jealousy when they stare at other people or even interact with them……..this urge of wanting to know them better, to check their phones but not being able to……….When these feelings start to kick in; we should understand that this  “Thing” that we have got with the so called FWB is going to wither away rapidly than

Sometimes we run out of topics, and we remember each other when it’s time for that Need!




All of this mentioned above are only understood by those who have really felt it at some point of their lives.. and for rest its like that forbidden fruit not knowing that it poisons us for sometime (quite long time)  until we get out of it. Going FWB with that person who is close to us and we get to see them everyday is a bad idea because the thing is going to turn bitter as one of us are going to end up falling fo the other one….so I have had my own taste of things….not willing to go into that again!!!