I don’t know about others but I have a bad habit of checking facebook as soon as I wake up in the morning every day. You’ll be confused for a while if you see my facebook profile because it looks more like a Facebook Page full of Memes rather than a Profile. I’ve been so madly in love with sharing Memes that now I call myself a Professional Memer.

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I don’t know what exactly is the motivation but I love to make people smile and that is the only reason I share Memes. In fact, I say this is a full-time job in which I get paid with people’s smile and laughter. You’ll find all sorts of Memes on my profile some of which relate to all the latest news and some of them are downright senseless but funny at the same time.

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Not only Memes, but I also share short messages for people which I believe might help them get motivated if they’re not having a good day. In fact, if you check my Instagram profile, you’ll see that its all filled with Motivational Posts.

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However, there are some things that I make sure to stay away while sharing Memes. Politics being the first because I have no knowledge about politics at all. Apart from that, I make sure not to look down on any religion, specific person or Country. Recently there was #PKMKB trending all over which I did not want to take part in so I made sure there was no #PKMKB thing on my profile.

I seriously believe that there’s also a different side of sharing Memes which right now we’re not giving much thought but will affect us in the future. Most of the People find it quite funny to make jokes about Depression, Sadness and about getting Fat. I feel sad and annoyed at the same time seeing such posts.

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This is not something to be made fun of as these problems can straight away lead to death. People who share such posts just for fun should try refraining from it. People who are actually suffering from Depression or Eating Disorder should seek Medical Help instead of joking about it on Social Media.

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I’ll be totally blunt when I say that sharing Posts on Social Media does not benefit us in any way. We can either entertain people or just send out a message through things we share. So instead of spreading Hatred and Sadness, can we just spread Love and Smile which already seems to be on the verge of extinction.

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Cheers 🤘