We’ve all had some great friends in life..
Friends that are known by faces, friends that are full of graces, friends that are nay, Attachments that shatter and some that really matter… 
After all, they take years to bloom, the blind trust takes time to groom…
Never thought they would shatter or turn so glum,
A pool of memories adding to a zero in the sum… 
You begin reminiscing,
For their every intention, you’d stand and fall,
Enjoying the wins, a comforting shoulder on loss… 
Never to realize you were always up for a toss… 
Learning nothing anew,
Coz a one sided care always ends in a game… 
A loquacious cunning enjoying the frame
While a feeler shut out taking the blame… 

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This happened to me too..
I said to myself… 
Maybe I was meant for this,
To be a part of this sorrowful epiphany,
With radiating eyes behind the mask of silent cries,
To be sort of antique on this new age,
Imprisoning myself in misery and ethical cage… 


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I did see them,
I saw them bent too low,
Even the closest of my friend became a foe… 
I saw their changing faces with my pitiful eyes… 
Never believed in them until it came as a surprise,
When their hands choked me for my demise.
I felt really hurt to witness this… 
It was me their eyes pryed,
With selfish intentions, disgust and blame,
For all the things they did wrong,
I was the one put up on flame… 
I just stood there,
Empty and tired.
Mourning the loss of a friend,
I truly admired… 

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Sometimes as I travel to these planes of reality,
It all rushes in,
The memories of joy, the bad,
Everything we did and whatever we had.
I wish…
Let’s not be a victim of our fate’s deceitful sins,
Let’s hold onto each other again,
Give up on the EGO,
And show the world what true friendship means.
I would love you to be by my side,
Discuss the differences,
Forget the sorrows,
And let friendship be our shield to hide.


I wish you enjoy your life’s delights,
If not with me,
I hope you shine before me,
With more vibrance than the northern lights.

An old soul lost in 21st century. I share parts of me in everything I write. A daydreamer with soulful imagination, a keen observer, my eyes always searches for the emotion behind each action.