Leading a fit life :

Hello friends welcome back to this blog. Hope you all are enjoying the last few days of winter.

What I observed after talking to many people who are around the age of 40/50, our parents, uncles, the knowledge of fitness in India is very limited.

Thanks to you tube and bloggers where we do get scientific knowledge on this topic. Alongside we do have books available on nutrition to help you with detailed knowledge, which will help yourself to get educated on fitness.

“So let’s science the shit out of it “.
Having a fit body and mind will not only boost your productivity at work, but also will make you more energetic, have a confident appearance, stay focused and work harder to achieve that dream for which you are craving, in this big bad world.
Surely many people have their own opinions, arguments, their own believes and all, but have you ever seen someone striving really hard with physical problems, health issues, less attendance in office, low immunity and what not, being very focused at work, on a daily basis , with bunch of productive inputs from his/her side. May be yes, but trust me I have not.

Having a fit body means, having a body which has the adequate amount of proteins, fats all nutrition needed to run the machine known as body. Losing that extra calorie which you have put on due to your sedentary lifestyle, balancing the hormones and building the muscle mass.

What you should stop right now?
Treating your body like a trash bucket, stop eating whatever junk you are getting tempted to, and feeding that to your body. Your body which is a machine do not need all those rubbish instead needs a balanced diet. Ever seen a maintained old car of 1950s, still on roads? Coz that is freaking maintained.

Second, stop giving lame excuses,” I don’t get to eat anything expect maggi. “Have boiled eggs instead of Maggi.
Stop convincing your mind with stupid ideas like nothing will happen with a burger when you know that u r overweight on that weight scale.
For those who are suffering from excessive hair fall, (while I agree water with which you wash your hair plays an important part) stop looking at the family tree and finding out that one person who had baldness. You never know what the lifestyle of that person was, what hormonal issues he/ she had. Check your lifestyle, may be you are not taking enough protein, and vitamins in your diet.

You are damn overweight, fat, accept that and work for it. Nothing is impossible especially when u have resources to do so.

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I know you secretly admire someone right?
Okay, the national crush of the season, Sara Ali Khan, you know she lost fucking 45 kgs? And yes with hard work. So, what, you will point an argument that she needs to, to join the film industry.

So, you think, as an independent woman (also men), being over-weight is okay, and just to join a certain sector like films, you need to lose weight. Grow up! Won’t you feel super confident and admire your-self with that toned body?
Ask yourself, introspect. Stop giving lame excuses and work towards the supreme and the best investment of your life, your body.

Listen to your body, you do not do that right?
You feel lethargic, you have a sedentary lifestyle, you are not even active in sex, you yawn and yawn , you booze and booze, you smoke and no control on that, you get irritated very soon for no reason, if a girl you have hormonal im-balance, all these are signs your body is throwing to do something with the lifestyle.

Still you do not listen to that you become obese. Still you do not listen to that you suffer from illness, and may be other issues like PCOD or low sperm counts.

Some tips that helped me and hundreds of other people to get back to the healthy lifestyle.

Fitness means a lifestyle change, get yourself educated on that first.
Our body needs certain fuels known as nutrition and you feed that with junk. Introspect to get the answer.
Take out 20 mins a day for some physical activity. Walk for other 20 mins, just don’t sleep and eat and go to office come back and sleep.
Include more protein, and less carbohydrate or fat. Do a BMR check and eat accordingly
Eat more natural food, there is a reason nature gives us potato not hot chips, and tomato not chutneys.
Include healthy fat like ghee, and exclude unhealthy fat like mayonnaise.
Focus on a certain weight, work towards that, do all household work, at least the basic than hiring someone for that. The worker class seems more fit than the upper ones, because they do really work hard and eat no junk but natural and easily available “ghar ka khana”.
The moment you see that weighing scale drop down by a kg, don’t treat ur body with a burger. Please, noooo. Treat your body may be with almonds or kaju, or even some wholesome grains. ( all cost almost same as a burger coke fries combo)

Now, rather than finding flaws in this writing , how difficult it is for your situation and point that on comments, do ask yourself all I have mentioned above. As I keep on saying, “introspect the answer is right there inside you”.

This post is written by Amrita Paul. Follow The Mood Recipes for more blog posts and articles.