Hello readers!

Everyone must be thinking that being a female why did I chose such a topic? Am I even a feminist?

Well the answer is “NO”.


Well don’t need to be!

Yes! The reason is i believe in equal rights and hence humanism! 

Now there is no harm in admitting than the latest novel of CHETAN sir has lead me here.

And I’ve reached at this point where i believe if you believe in equal right you can not be just a feminist!!

All the ladies, women or girls are not feminist! lets take an example!

My mom! she’s a born and brought up from a restricted family but unexpectedly she’s open-minded. She lets me go everywhere, lets me wear anything, lets me talk to all the guys i wish to! but…! now!! What will be her reaction if she finds out that ive spent hundreds of nights with my boyfriend and I am no more a virgin! To be practical she’ll get a heart attack! No matter how much money i make one day shell end up saying that “baby you need to find a decent guy and get married”

Nobody wants a girl to give as much freedom as a guy can have just because she is a girl! A guy can smoke in open air but wait we girls can’t! Girls cannot go for random road-trips, can not hook up randomly with everyone, can not booze, can not smoke weeds! Well all this because they can not get pregnant!

HUH!!! YOU REALLY THINK THIS IS THE ONLY THING A GIRL HAS TAKEN BIRTH FOR? TO GIVE BIRTH TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING? lets be a little funny..we should care about the population sometimes no? :P

Well, jokes apart but  honestly some girls rather lots of women are there who wants to just earn a million . travel the whole world, random sex, partying around and lots more, but definitely not to get married and be a good wife!

And all these thoughts does not make her a feminist!

And what is the need of being feminist?

Can’t just all the people be humanist? cant we all get equal right everywhere? cant a guy leave his parents and take the girls surname as his? how can it makes his personality loose? what is the harm if a woman earn more than her husband? and the worst part is being a woman a mother and a mother-in-law will not even support you. if you don’t cook good you are not a good wife material!

dear we don’t care about being so! we can do all the activities your son do and still we have the stamina to satisfy your so called not impotent son!

This blog is not to hurt anyone..but people should also understand where to stop hurting a girl. stop killing girl child, stop faking feminism, be a good human!

just making ladies seats indifferent places or saying ladies first doesn’t make u a human!

Sorry to bore you all and I am surely not clear with my thoughts. but best is yet to come.

Thanks for reading! :)