Take a walk around the neighborhood you’ll come across places that people say have been unvisited since a long time and have spooky and mysterious stories related with it. This brings me to the question that I had asked in one of my previous posts (here’s the link for that) and that is “Do ghosts exist?”
I have had my experiences which makes me believe the fact that “If there is God then there’s also Evil.”

Going by the Indian Hindu mythology, if there’s an unnatural and untimely death somewhere and no last rites have been performed on the deceased then there will be supernatural presence. The Islamic mythology is slightly different. They say that if no last rites have been performed and the place is left unvisited for more than forty days then it gets possessed by the Supernatural. Today I will be writing about one of my experiences which fit both Hindu and Islamic Phenomenon about the Paranormal.

This happened around four years back when I worked in this Mall in one of its Showrooms. The place was lit most of the time, especially on weekends. For my convenience, I used to go to the restroom in the basement because it was nearest to the showroom where I worked. I noticed that nobody used that washroom. It could be because the lights there had a mind of its own and they used to go off randomly but came back within a minute. The security manager caught me one day and asked me why do I use that washroom and not the ones in my own floor.

“Well! Because its closer and convenient for me.” I replied.

“Please do not go there. It’s a request. It’s not the right place to be.” The security manager said.

“Why exactly?” I asked him.

“There is a Supernatural presence in that place. People have complained of being picked up and thrown away at far away distance by an unusual force every time the lights go off.” the security manager said.
“The lights did go off, but no one picked me up and threw anywhere.” I rebutted.

“It’s good that nothing happened with you or I can say it’s good that nothing happened with you ’till now’ but that doesn’t mean that we ignore what majority of them have felt and narrated. It’s a request. Please do not go there.” the security manager said. I agreed to his request and did not go back to that washroom and rather used the one on my floor. However, what this guy said made me curious and I wanted to know more about this place. I met him outside the mall one day when he was on a break. I had tea with him and casually asked him if there have been similar cases in any other parts of the mall and he narrated everything from the beginning.

“During the construction of this mall, one of the walls broke down killing many laborer’s and their families which included women and children too. The government had seized the place for more than three months, but the owners managed to prove that there were no casualties when the wall fell. Without any clean up, the Mall was built. They were unaware of the consequences this would lead to.


Since the day of opening, there have been complaints of people being thrown in the washroom in the basement when the lights go off. Similar incident has been reported from the third floor’s washroom when the lights go off. But instead of being picked up and thrown, people of seen the reflection of men and women in the mirrors of the washroom. The guards still don’t go for a night duty in the parking area because they have been stopped there by random people who just say ‘Please help us! We’re still stuck here.’ Apart from that all the security guards have complained of spotting an unknown woman with a little boy walking around the food court everyday between 1am to 2:30am in the night. Mirrors of some of the shops suddenly break on its own.”

It was hard for me to believe what I heard and left me shell shocked. The same day I was stuck with some work and had to work late night. By the time I was about to leave, it was midnight. The front gate was closed. So, I had to go from the back gate which means that I’ll need to pass from the same parking area. I felt a bit scares but then I plugged in my earphones and walked towards the Out gate.
Initially I did not feel anything while walking in the parking area but when I moved forward, I could feel the temperature suddenly getting lower. It was supposed to be 45°C but I was literally shivering with cold. The temperature got back to normal once I left that spot and left for home.

I sat alone in the showroom behind the counter two days later in the morning when the staff members were about to start coming in. I had a pen kept on my table. Suddenly I could see it literally move as if someone had struck it from one side (Just like we do when we play pen fight). It happened multiple times and the pen kept on moving. That scared the hell out of me and I came out of the showroom and decided to be there till everyone comes in. Suddenly the guy from the book store beside mine came out. He looked stressed out. I asked him about what happened and shockingly he narrated the same thing that I had just experienced. Ignoring all these I continued with my work at that Mall.

It was the first week of December 2015 when I at third floor for some work and decided to use the washroom there. While I was washing my hands, the lights went off. I remembered what security manager had said about this washroom. The lights came back in a couple of seconds and like my previous experience in the basement’s washroom, I did not see anyone’s reflection in the mirror. I pushed opened the door and came out of the washroom. Suddenly I could feel someone slightly pushed me while getting out. When I turned around, I saw only the washroom’s gate just banged as if someone had pulled it inside. While walking towards the escalator, I just felt an invisible force run past me and then I saw a huge crack developing on the mirror of a footwear shop right in front of me. The mirror then broke and fell by itself. People gathered around to see how this happened. This was something that happened in broad daylight. “This is the third time this has happened.” I heard someone saying.

I still have no idea what it was, but I do know that it had an intention to hurt me. That was the day I decided to quit my job at that Mall. I never went back to that place since I left. The showroom that I worked in was closed because the owners were unable to make much profits there.

Well! That was my tale about encounters with the supernatural. Apologies if I pulled it too long. Some of the readers might still not believe it because there’s no such thing like Ghost or Spirit according to them. I respect their opinion. In fact, even I believed the same till I found out about the existence of paranormal through my own experiences.