Travelling with your better half, family, friends can be very interesting, rewarding and memorable, but travelling solo can be fascinating and eye-opening, extra ordinary life changing experience.

Hello Everyone, Welcome back to the mood recipes, and today I am going to give you the best 20 reasons to travel solo.

I know it may sound a bit boring, risky, dangerous to some people, depending upon their current situations in life, but trust me, this is something which everyone should give it a try.

Let me give you the reasons.

You will meet people, who are amazing in their own way. When you will travel solo, you will get lot of chances to interact with other travelers and people. If you are travelling alone, it is easier for you to strike a conversation with someone else, as compared to the couples or families that are travelling together.

Unmatched Freedom, the way we always wanted. We always wanted to be free from all family tensions, ego, being controlled and other emotions, travelling solo may give you temporary freedom, for some days at least from the daily drama of our life.

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You get a weapon against your deepest insecurities and fear. You will overcome the fear of being alone, staying alone, and even living alone the moment you will start gathering solo travelling experiences.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ― Andre Gide

You may meet your better half. There are high chances that when you travel alone, you may meet someone with similar habits, similar like-dislikes and similar travel bug. If you are in a relationship, staying alone for some time, may bring that crave for meeting one’s partner so that you have something new to share, something new to talk about.

You finally get that me time. We all need some me time, the time where we think about us, or do nothing, just lie down without doing any single thing, the lazy time. Take a walk at the beach or sit by a mountain side to watch the sunset or waves coming down the feet, anything that you really don’t get a time to do that in your own life.

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You will be a problem-solver pro. Travelling alone will make you more independent, instead of depending upon other’s help, you will start solving your own problems. When you will travel alone, you won’t have anyone to spoon fed you meals or solving your problems.

Face your weakness and know how brave you are. Unless you are in the position to face your weakness, you will never be able to discover, how brave you are. The moment you will have experiences of doing and travelling you will come to know that even you are able to do, what others are doing.

“Some journeys in life can only be traveled alone.” ― Ken Poirot

Strong Social media influence. We all know it, the more we travel, the more pictures will be there on our Instagram, Facebook, snapchat… etc. As the time grows, you will have a bunch of followers and travelers looking up to you for inspiration and travel tips.

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You can learn another language (or more). The more you travel, the more you learn different words, languages and cultures of different countries, continents, and people. If you are travelling solo, you will have to communicate with other people for small favors, directions or any kind of help.

You can eat whatever you crave for. There will be a change in the routine, instead of kfc, pizza and McD, you will get to have delicious street foods, local and traditional foods. Some local street foods are so tasty that won’t leave your taste buds in few years or may be a life time.

Get lost in the beauty of the place you are diving to. Be it a sea beach in Goa, or a hill side in Himachal, be it Eifel tower or be it the Mad Colored Houses of Burano, get mesmerized completely in the beauty of the place without worrying about anything else.

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You will learn to deal with the unplanned. We all are aware that we can’t plan everything in our life, there will be situations or time, where the unplanned happens sometimes. If you are travelling alone, sometime will become pretty much regular, and you will be an expert in dealing with your own problems.

“Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without traveling.” ― Roman Payne

You won’t value others opinion to control you. People are diverse, and so are the opinions, while some are for our betterment, some are from jealousy to pull you down. Whatever it is, it won’t come in your way, after the lone travel bug has bitten you.

Discover to do things better way. You won’t go with traditional and stupid holiday packages that are sold by every some or the other travel companies. You will create plans according to your own priorities, budget and likes. You will start craving for getting better and customizing every option that is coming on your way.

You can plan things your way, at your own speed. Just want to chill at the sea beach? Just want to lie down on the bed without moving an inch? Do whatever you want, for as much time you want. No one is going to rush you stating that cab will move, or the shuttle will move. You will move according to your own wish and plan.

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“The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” ― Henry David Thoreau

You will have a real photo gallery instead of just filter selfies. You will have some cool photos to flaunt everywhere, be it social media, phone, room or just a small gallery made for your family members. You won’t be having only dog/rabbit filter dumb-pretending photos in your gallery.

You’ll understand transience. You will understand that people come in our life for some time and they leave, it is a part of life, and that’s how it is destined. You will make many new friends while travelling and you will lose many friends as well, but all these things won’t affect you that much.

It will really make your heart richer. Your heart will be full of memories, joy and experiences. You have seen life in many forms and they will be in your life for a very long time, and it will fill your heart with satisfaction and lot of memories and stories to flaunt in every social get togethers.

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Solo travelling contributes a lot to your self-confidence. Will I be able to do that? Will I be able to travel alone? Will I able to this/that and all bullshit will take a back seat, once you travel solo in your life, you know very well, that you can do it, and you can go to the place where exactly you want to be.

You won’t be lonely again. Once in your life if you have traveled alone, you won’t feel lonely very easily. The joy of staying alone and collecting experience will take you to another level. You won’t feel the need of staying with someone, just because you are lonely.


These are my reasons to travel alone, let us know your reasons in the comment section below.

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