Be it a simple examination in school or be it a relationship, we had been taught from childhood, not to cheat! But did we realize why does a person tends to cheat? 

I understand it’s pretty much weird to accept that cheating is not always wrong, however, maybe today I accept that sometimes it is the hardest decision that you take to cheat on your beloved. 

In childhood, each one of us has been taught that we should not cheat during our examination. But a kid chose to cheat because he might not be prepared well to pass the exam or to score good in the exam.  Though it is a wrong thing to do, but he would chose to cheat to avoid being a topic of fun and to avoid get beaten up by his parents. All what the kid expects is to bring a smile to his parents face and to bring the smile on his own face. Sometimes, parents fail to understand where exactly the kid is lagging and all they do is scold them or beat them. In stead of sitting and talking to him and figure out where the issue is, they think that the kid is just being notorious and scolding him would guide him to the correct direction. I am afraid that this is where they fail and cheating comes to the rescue.

It does not really differ in case of a relationship! When you are in relationship, you have a lot of expectations from your partner. Having a future together leads the queue followed by calls and texts on time, showing care when your partner is down and many more. Last but not the least your partner requires your trust when he/she is starting up a new journey towards a new future. It might be a new job or a new college in a new city. There is a lot of mental change he/she goes through and needs peace at the end of the day which your partner expects from you. At the end of the day he /she might just want to listen to an assurance that you are with him/her no matter what and you trust him/her. It is sad to accept that if you can not promise a future to your partner, be it due to any reason he/she will look forward for an assurance. Promises are not meant to be broken. Unfortunately there will always be someone to whom he/she will cling on to. I know a lot of people will cam them the cheater, but honestly tell me today who does not want an assurance and trust in a relationship. Is it too much to expect for? And when you do not get that and you see someone around you who is there to take care of every single thing you face challenges with, won’t to go to that person? A guilt inside you might stop you from doing so, you might be afraid to get the tag of a “cheater” but at the end of the day all that will matter is your own happiness. None is going to come and ask you if you are happy or not and everyone will be there to judge you. If your partner can not promise you a future and can not trust you, trust me you are not the cheater if you someone else over him/her. 

Controversies appreciated. :-D

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