I used to think I’m the one who has got difficult situations; living in too much pressure, Has got a lot of trouble in my life. Until a few months back when I started to interact with different people of different age groups. Everyone has something or the other to say about how bad a situation they are in.

Yesterday, I was at a party where I noticed a girl – she was enjoying the songs and happily boozing around. However, there was something wrong with her. Her smile was not the same with which her face glorifies on a normal day. I know this girl for 2 weeks only but somehow I have understood this much that she is not liking the things whatever is going in her life. I asked her – what happened – she did not tell me. She just smiled and said nothing. I asked her twice, thrice, more than 5 times. She did not tell anything to me. She was just smiling back and saying “Nothing, I’m fine!”

Everyone is in the same page 2

Is that a common trend going on or what?

Saying I’m fine is the new way to tell the world that I’m depressed, in pressure, mental health is not good, peer pressure is too much, heartbroken….. And the list goes on.!

The girl kept on saying that she’s is fine to me whenever I was asking if something has happened to her. Maybe I’m not that close to her… So I asked her boyfriend to check out once what has happened. When he asked the girl politely – the girl started crying. She cried out loudly and explained that whatever is going on in her life is not right. This is not the way she expected her life to go on… Her office work pressure is too much… Her family’s financial health is also not so good. She wanted to study more and what not…

Do we all go through this?

The answer is a YES

I was there in the same rooftop but I was not standing with them because the girl might feel complex in releasing her stress out and might not be able to explain everything to her boyfriend. So I kept myself away from the place but was roaming around there to listen to what’s going on.

We all have to accept that – Mental health is also as important as physical health and we need people to talk this out with their closed ones so that everyone should feel nice.

We all need people like Dr. Jehangir Khan from the movie Dear Zindagi .

If one cannot pay a fee to be consulted by a psychiatrist or if you feel too shy about it… I want to tell you its all normal. You should not feel Any complex if you want to be consulted by a psychiatrist.


If you still wish not to be consulted by a specialist, you can still get yourself relieved just by talking. Talk to the ones who are really close to you. Like yesterday the girl’s boyfriend helped her in relieving her stress out and also gave her a good suggestion because he knows everything about her, he loves her and he cares about her. The one who cares will listen to you – no matter what. The one who trusts will be there with you throughout.

Everyone is in the same page 3

If by any chance that close one is a problem or a pain in your life ( in relationships – this happens) then I have a plan for you…Randomly go to a person whom you know but you have not talked with him/her ever. Or you can even go to a stranger – Ask for his/her free time. And speak out. Speak as you want. Let them know what problem you are facing… Explain why no one is able to understand you… Let them know that you have a problem not physically but mentally. He/she might not give you a solution to any of the things which you have said but it will give you relief. I have tried this before. It worked out for me. I felt better after that. You just need to speak out.

If this is also too much for you – the best suggestion is to approach a dog or a cat or if you have a pet in your home then that’s the best way. I have tried this as well. This is the most effective way. Because a pet will never leave you unless you have not loved or cared for it.

Everyone is in the same page 4

Love and care is something which can make you feel better anytime and every single time.

I want to let everyone know that we all are struggling to maintain a good lifestyle, to maintain proper health be it physical or mental, everyone here is just on the same page.

Also, remember the things which you have – there are people who do not have the same. You are reading this blog either on a phone or a laptop or a PC… Many people does not have that as well.

You had your dinner yesterday?

Yes, right?

Do you even know How many people die of hunger every day? The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) estimates that as many as 25,000 people lose their lives every day as a result of hunger. That adds up to roughly 9.1 million people who die of starvation each year.

Everyone is in the same page 5

That is huge. Isn’t it?

Or am I talking bull shit?

I’m just saying BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE WHILE YOU ARE WORKING TO GET MORE. Don’t lose hope, be strong, set your aim, work on it, achieve it and repeat the same till the time you can be dependent on your son/daughter or on pensions. We have to accept the fact that we will get older and older and we cannot work in our 70s or 80s. Lol.