We all meet different people everyday. Some stay in our life. Some leave. Out of all of them there are very less whom we genuinely don’t want to let go and sometimes we fail in trying hard. This silly story of mine is something of that sort though not a sad one and rather funny.
So I was at work one fine day and between my audits, I stood up and looked around to see whats my floor up to. Nothing interesting. I was again going to sit back when I just saw the door opening in front of me and this extremely thin lady entered.
For the first time in my life I was completely awestruck by someone. Though she looked over skinny but she had a unique sort of glow in her face. Sharp eyes. Spectacles. Maybe that was given by God or else she would have been a victim of her own evil eye. Wide lips with red lipstick on which perfectly contrasted with her milky white skin. Dreadlocks sort of hairs. Luckily she came in my workstation and started talking to one of my teammates. I tried hard to not get caught while I was looking at her but I had lost control over myself. By the time she left I just kept smiling for no reason. Without even knowing someone I felt like I wanted to be with this person for the rest of my life. I asked my teammate her name when she left. He told me her name. I’ll not be revealing the name but the meaning of her name is “Empress” and thats how she looked, walked and talked like. In fact the way she carried herself made her name more appropriate for her. Then and there I took my phone and searched for her profile on facebook. Found her and was about to send a friend request but refrained. “She might think I’m a creep.” I thought to myself. I did not send the request but just explored her profile. She had a tattoo on her wrist of her own name, was from Bhubaneshwar (city in India) and was a Poet. Unfortunately me and her manager hated each other.
“Shes a poet and me an ugly fat roadside guy.” I just thought to myself and then left off things there and yes! I used to be fat sometime back.

“It won’t happen.” I concluded and continued with my work. (overthinking is a bitch!)
Next several days we just crossed ways number of times. I started to stand and do my work because I got to see her. Moreover she was tall so workstations did not do much in hiding her. After a while I sent her a request on instagram. She accepted and I saw her poetries there. They were in Urdu and just awesome. Each and every poetry had a deep meaning. She had this really different way of expressing her happiness, sadness, loneliness and every feeling in her own way. I had to find a way to talk to her and guess who helped me? It was Google! 😂😂
I used to read her poetries in her insta stories and searched for an appropriate response on Google in the form of a poetry and just copy pasted that as a reply. She finally noticed and asked me if I write and I said YES! I’m poet too which I was not.😂
We started speaking after a while but I left that workplace and moved to Hyderabad (southern part of India) by then. She said she will be moving there too after a while as she used to stay there previously which I already got to know by checking out her profile. I used to find ways to try and talk to her. Sometimes just to talk about jobs, sometimes poetries and sometimes astrology because she was very much into it. So I sometimes used to be even more happy because I knew Sagitarius and Aquarius make a great pair but thats again something that cannot be relied on (overthinking again!). Her writings were some times so touching that I just felt like proposing her but then I again controlled myself. I didn’t wanted to look like a Tharki (Hindi Slang for Pervert). She told me she became a poet after her Ex left her for some other lady. I just wondered how could someone dump such a beautiful lady. Anyways, she was single now which mattered most to me.
Not much had been spoken between us and I screwed up everything. I made a surprise visit back to the same office one day and was bit high on weed when I asked everyone to call her out which irritated her. I later realised that I made a mistake and shouldn’t have called her but by the time I realised my mistake it was pretty late and I was blocked by her from everywhere. I felt quite bad because she was literally someone with whom I wanted to stay for the rest of my life irrespective of the relationship. If in case I found her somewhere then I’d just say sorry and move apart.
Later on I narrated the whole incident to my sister and the way she laughed at me made the whole story look funny. I mean who eve teases a girl sitting inside a multi national company just by standing outside on the street!?
The good thing about this whole thing was that I was able to write. I can write Poetries, Stories, Blogs, and everything and I seriously don’t know how. I believe this is something which has been given to me by her. So theres also a Huge “Thank You” due apart from a “Sorry” if in case we meet up some time. If not then that will be a lesson about not to be a jerk when you like someone.