हाथ गन्दा हुआ – कोई बात नहीं. देश को साफ करना है.. (The hand became dirty – no problem. The country has to be cleaned.)

Elections in India. 2

Elections are going on in India and media is going crazy about it. It’s strange to see that politicians are still asking votes in the name of religion.


Elections in India. 3


While I was on my way to vote for better tomorrow – few people in my area asked me to vote for the 1st number available in the voting machine as if they were begging me to vote for them. (Obviously, I did not vote for them) I have my own thinking, I have my own choice and right to vote.

Elections in India. 4

The question which I can hear everywhere – whom to vote for? Do we vote for the candidate or do we vote for the prime minister?

I think we vote for both. Our small votes make a big impact.

Elections in India. 5

Another thing which I can see – aggression in the public, aggression in the parties, fights and incidents happening in and around India.


Elections in India. 6

Why is this happening? What will be the conclusion?

I see only one answer to it MONEY.

There is a song in Hindi by Divine in which he has stated this –

राजनीती में यहाँ सबसे ज्यादा पैसा क्यूँ है?

Public को नहीं दिखता, वैसे वाला पैसा क्यूँ है?

Public की सेवा फिर पैसे वाला नेता क्यूँ है?


If we translate the above lines in English –


Why is the most money here in politics?

Money is not visible to the public, then why is it even there?
Why is the politician richer if his main duty is to serve the public?
Elections in India. 7
These are few questions which are there in this young India. The transparency between politics and the public is very less. That is why the common people get molded easily by the speeches of the politicians.
Elections in India. 8
 As a common man – I want a better future for India. It does not matter which party comes in leading the country. It does not matter if the prime minister is a Hindu or Muslim or a Sikh or Christian. We want India to be better.  Let’s unite and let’s hope for a better tomorrow.