People say it is their ego that hurts when we do not listen to them or when it doesn’t fall on their line. I say it is not the ego that is hurt, it is the decision to let them conquer which surely would be for the people who do not deserve to hurt us and we are the one responsible for catering the decision. So it is we who are to be blamed, not them.



We do not listen to our soul and take the wrong decision on which we end up burning yourself. We do not consider the pros and cons and we make the judgement on the basis of our impulsive nature, which gets us into some known trouble in future.

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We come across good things every day, and to be honest, the people who care for us will never be sweet enough on the face. They will scold us, they will thrash us and sometimes they will go out of their way to show us what’s right for us. Even if it means to show that we are wrong, and that is where we get offended the most because we are too weak to admit our own wrong being pointed out to us by the people who love us.


An example from life, I have been bossing around on my little brother who is just two years younger to me. He is yet the small brother to me hanging around, but he is a grown-up boy to his classmates and his friends. Somehow I just cannot accept the idea of my brother pointing me out that I have been wrong in making certain decisions concerning him which were not exactly correct, and he had to pay the price for it.


My ego was hurt when he said “I AM WRONG”, and I shut him out for a few months. I realized I have shut him out because he told me on my face that I was wrong, and he is right.


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For months, I have been falsely consoling and making myself believe that I was right, and he being younger to me doesn’t understand the basic difference between what is good and bad for him. Somewhere deep down, there was a part of me that knew that my younger brother is grown up and is ready to take his own decisions rather than me having to tell him what to do. It was my ego which led me to shut him out. I apologized to him while I still had the time before I lose him forever succumb to my mindless “EGO which knows how to jeopardize things.

Let me know your comments and feedback on how you have handled your Ego while dealing with a person you care about…..

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