I have always asked this question to myself. Is it so important to be a graduate – to be a post graduate – phd – doctorate etc etc

why every father in this country(India) dreams of a government job for his son. 

The Question is WHY ? 


I always think – whatever work you do, I don’t care how small the work is – you should do it properly and if you feel happy doing that then that’s it. Make sure that you are earning an amount which satisfies the basic needs. You don’t have to have a rolex , a mercedes car or a hayabusa bike. I am happy with my scooty. Its not necessary that you have to live a luxurious life to be happy. Happiness can be found in many ways. I am happy because I have some people on whom i can trust with blind eyes. I know I have them behind me, even if i fall they will be there to hold me. That’s it. No need to spend money on buying an apple phone or a mac. Buy a Redmi and enjoy. Believe me… I am not promoting any brand here. 🤭 I am just sharing my thoughts. 

Basically… The concept is – you have to be a ground level person. Behave nicely with everyone. You don’t need to be jealous of anything. Be a pure soul. That’s it. 


If everyone starts thinking like this, things will be so peaceful and nice. No kid will be pressurised for any job or education. Education is important till the time one teenager starts acting maturely and if he thinks that he needs to study more then he can go ahead. Parents or family members should support his/her decisions. Remember you just need to be a pure soul.