That’s what we hear most of the time if we’re being too casual regarding our clothes at work in most of the places. I mean it’s quite funny that we live by the mantra “Be Yourself!” but when someone does that, you try to change that. And it’s not just the clothes because of which people get rejected, sometimes there’s a lot more that gives people the opportunity judges us.

I’ve had this experience twice when I was at a Telephonic Interview and I kept on screwing up because I was made to sit straight on a chair with those boring shirts and trousers on. Fortunately, the interviewer on the other end asked me to try one more time after the next 15 minutes. Thankfully, I had them in my bag, so I just barged inside the restroom and came back in my ripped jeans and a t-shirt, wore that headset and sat on the chair in my own style waiting for the interviewer to call back and when he called back this time, I just nailed it and boom! I’m now an employee in the same company. That day I realized two things and the second was that I’m born this blue-collar way. First was that I can do things that no one can if I just be the way I’m. That was the day I decided that I won’t be changing for anyone in the world.

It has also happened with me that I had been rejected thrice from interviews just because of my appearance. However, that never affected me because I’m not someone who would give up his existence because some stupid manager wants me to. I tried doing that and I failed so I quite bluntly say that I won’t be changing my casual lifestyle.

I’m not here saying that we all should be wearing casuals all the time. I’m just saying do not give up your existence (even if it’s just your clothes) for anyone. Today, if you let them decide what you’re supposed to wear then tomorrow they’ll also decide how you’re supposed to live. I gave the example of being casual is because I have gone through the same. “If you don’t let me be me then I’m better off!” that’s what I live by.

There’s no Book or a Rule made by the Almighty that says that “Wearing White Shirt, Black Trouser and Leather Shoes to work is Professional.” or “Wearing that Knee Slashed Jeans, Text-T-shirt and Sneakers is Unprofessional.”

What’s Unprofessional is turning down an aspiring employee due to these superficial reasons ignoring their skill, performance and experience. Companies that follow this ritual never realize that there are many other competitive companies around that do not follow the same. They do believe that “You are the best when you are at the best version of yourself.”

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