Every time I shut my eyes,
it’s like I’m takin back.
Back to the time of us.

Reliving history,
building memories
Feeling so real,
Just simple kids in love.

Laughing, smiling, actually having fun
Living in my mind like we never ended,
living in an untouchable time
when we were just young and in love.

Waking up,
knowing it’s just a dream.

I can’t help, but think how different things would be
if we never fell out of love.
If we didn’t grow distant as time passed us by.
If we hold on to our love despite the circumstances.

Yeah, we were different.
Dealing with different struggles,
Closing our hearts
until we are numb.
Closing our hearts
to the idea of us.
Closing our hearts
to love,
Closing the chapter
to our perfect little love story.

Instead, our hands tied by our mistakes.
Anger crept in,
resentment built up
destroying our love.

But every night there you are.
I can’t help but wonder if you are dreaming of me.
Could this be real,
or am I just thinking crazy?
I know what you think,
I know the odds,
we both changed,
we are different,
but our hearts remain the same.
our inner kid is still alive,
bind to each other.

No matter how much we try to forget.
No matter if we ended,
because you’re there in my dreams.
I pray tonight that the next time I close my eyes,
I won’t relive the same dream.

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