Just before I start my blog today:Hi! I am an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, within days I’ll be an MBA, and 5-7 lakhs per annum!
So now the question is just in case I am ready to marry you(a guy obviously) how much do I need to pay you?
You know what? SCREW YOU!Dear HER parents,
If you have a daughter and you’re saving alot of money just to get her married to a nice guy, trust me, YOU NEED TO STOP! Save money and educate her, let that nice guy go find her!Let her stand on her feet.Dear HIS parents,
If you have a son and you’re planning to take dowry, wait!! Is this what you educate him for? To be a beggar? Well there is no better word to call him something else!

Dear girls,
Remember, you got to be strong enough to kick his balls hard if he asks for dowry. We are not born to take care of the in-laws only, not brought up to do the household works only. Don’t be a puppet! Be capable enough to take care of your ownself and your own parents both financially and mentally, even if you’re married. And don’t let your in-laws complain about it. This should be your worth, not how much your parents gave as dowry!

Dear boys,
Before taking dowry, mind your value! The more degrees,the more cash? The better qualification,the bigger car? Aren’t you capable enough to buy your own? Why? Did you do the degree to be a BIGGER BEGGAR?

To all,
She’s leaving her parents,her own house-for-years, her own surname.
Don’t you think it’s your turn to repay her(not with money but with love and care)? Or you should be paid for doing actually nothing?