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Hope you people are doing fine. First thing first, thank you everyone for so much love and support for the posts, it truly inspires me a lot.

This post is regarding the dilemma that we all boys face, when we are in a relationship: to choose.

Couples who don’t have to go through taking a family’s side, are the luckiest ones but not everyone is so lucky.

I am sure, that even girls face the same situation or dilemma, but I will not comment on that, because a boy can never understand the point of view of a girl, and the same goes for us as well. In this post, I am not taking anyone’s side or deciding the right thing, but I am just expressing the emotion ride that we go through.

The most common one, we boys face when we get serious in a relationship, and so does the girl along with our families.

Point of view of the family: We raised you, we made you capable of what you are, and you are fighting for a girl whom you’ve just met? Only to be your caretaker… and all that.

Point of view of the partner: We love each other, and nothing can tear us apart. If you can’t commit for a life time, why are we even together? Only to have fun… and all that.

Even if you think about this for years, you won’t be able to get into a conclusion that who is right and who is wrong, because we all know, both are right, and we agree with both.

My point of view:

Arising questions-
1. Can’t I even take one decision in my life, by my own without lifelong calculations and probability?
2. Doesn’t my family/partner trust me this much, that I am not going to leave them?
3. What will happen when both families meet for the first time, how can I keep both the families calm?
4. There’s not even a single place on earth, where I can free of these responsibilities and side taking pressure…huh?
5. Even if we get married by force, will that be a justified and reasonable decision?
6. If I don’t get married, there will be a question on my commitment level and peer pressure with an add-on, so what to do?
7. What can I do in this situation, so that everyone could be happy?
8. What could I possibly do to make sure everything is balanced?
9. Whenever I don’t listen to my parents, this kind of things happen, every time.
10. Does anyone love me unconditionally?

This is such a position in everyone’s life, where most of us take decisions by giving up on any of the side. Some of us get manipulated, some of us get lost somewhere in oblivion and some of us get relocated to a different city by any excuse available on the way, just to be free from all this.

I am not blaming any section of the society, neither am I getting biased; but these is real. This is exactly what we all feel, maybe I am generalizing a whole lot, but everyone is on the same page.

I am not trying to start a debate or adding fuel in the mess we all are, but I am just keeping my point of view.

My request to all the people, those who are stuck in this situation, please take a decision in a calculative way, because rest of our lives will be completely dependent on the same. People those who belong to the middle-class environment, will be able to connect to what I am saying.

Though we can’t fall in love or enter in a relationship in such a calculative manner because this is where the heart comes in to picture. Whenever I get in to any such thoughts, I remember the smiling face of my partner and on the other side my mother. So that brings us to square one, what will we do?

I do not have any resolution or any conclusion to these feelings and the condition, this is what exactly my feelings are.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions….

Have a nice day ?

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