One fine morning I wake up to see the date on my phone “1st December 2019”, the last month of the year. 30 days to go for putting things right before the new year.

Like, how I wasted the entire year thinking I would do something fruitful tomorrow and eventually procrastination got the best of me and I ended up in December with an empty hand and still thinking of doing something worthy.

I open Facebook, see my friends going abroad with better jobs and higher studies and here I am laying on my couch thinking I have plenty of time to do those things since today is my off. Every day feels like “I wish Saturdays and Sundays were the only days in a week” unfortunately it’s too good to be true.

Sipping coffee and staring blankly through the window to see how the December coldness has got to my veins and frozen my mind. So much so that I am not able to move past my assignment which I had started in mid-November at work, while other colleagues are already done and started with a new one.

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Is it just me or the coldness which is not letting me move ahead? Well, coldness is seasonal, it’s not around the entire year. What about February or March, or the months after when there is no coldness and yet I push back things till “Tomorrow”.
“Tomorrow” my mind echoed such a comfortable and soothing word. It gives me bliss knowing I can sleep peacefully for the night and do my pending stuff tomorrow morning. Such a sweet realization to know I can eat the “Red velvet Ice cream” today and work out tomorrow, have got the rest of the year ahead to work on my muscle.

Coldness is visible too in people around me. Some are mourning their loved ones in a funeral or their Funeral anniversaries. Some are weeping on losing their better-half or crying on breaking up with their winter love.

December is a month of rejoicing for Christmas and gearing up for welcoming another new year. It is also a month for bringing in new puppies and abandoning them on the streets once the New year and Christmas hype subsides.


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Some are lucky enough to enjoy the warmth of their bed and pillow in this coldness and some are born with anguish and broken destiny to spend under a subway waiting for the daylight so they could bask in the sun and show gratitude, for their life is all they have.

Some stay in the year-long coldness to protect our country from enemies near the border, and some fight over food which couldn’t resist the coldness and turned pale when served hot.

Sometimes Christmas is all some have left to enjoy and may never see the New year again, as they have lost their hair and years of life for no fault of theirs. Some spend an entire year in the coldness of Chemo waiting to recover in the hope of welcoming the New Year.


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December is a happy and sad month. As we end the year on a Sad note for some who know the loss that they had this year and happy for those who have achieved some state of happiness and gratitude this year.

Some have welcomed new life in their homes, and some have started a new life with their loved ones. December is both an end to welcome a new beginning and a beginning to cease the End for another 365 days.

Let’s hope our 2020 begins on a positive note and we will achieve a part of our new year resolution if not the whole of it. Let’s wish our loved ones for their good health and long life and a little hope for those who are abandoned from the warmth of family and home in this December coldness.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance :)