From the very first eyeblink when my day starts, I look for you. Nothing else, nobody else comes in my mind. The first person I want to wake up to, my lucky charm, without whose glance my day can not go in ease, is you.

Every single time, I feel alone, I feel sad, I feel depressed, only your face comes to my mind. Even though many times,I do not share with you about what is going on in my mind, for a fact I know that you already know it before I speak and hence for a fact I know that when I will tell you about it, you will always have a way-out for me. No matter whatever situation I am in, I know you will always stand by me, will hold my hand and pull me out of it in the right way.

When I am mad, you always know how to calm me down, you always know which food I would need when and how much I would love it at that moment. You know how perfect my tea should be when I wake up, you know how much sugar should be added to my dessert before I go to bed. Only you do.

We share the most perfect and the best romantic relationship in this world. The MOTHER-DAUGHTER relationship.

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When a girl grows up, she loses friends. No matter what, one friend is always there to hold her hand is none but her mother. In this world full of fake people, all we could have for real is a mother’s love. A love that does not need any kind of verbal or written commitment, a love that will never run out of loyalty, a love that can never be selfish, a love that will never need of saying “I love you” every now and then, a love that is beyond our imagination, a love that can not be measured but only could be treasured, is a mother’s love.

A mother could be a working woman, a homemaker, her love for her baby will not change. A mother could be in any profession for the sake of the family, a mother could be financially rich or poor, a mother could be a divorced lady, a mother could be a single mother, a mother could be a widow, but at the end, one thing that will never change in her is her motherhood. Once a mother is always a mother.

From the day you are born, without an ounce of hint of your knowledge you become the most precious gift in your mother’s life. So precious that nothing in the world could take away her love for you.

It could be possible that many of you who are reading this, that your parents are separated and you are staying apart from your mother, but for a matter of fact I could say this that no matter how far away you are from your mother, she loves you. We all are different human beings and we all have separate outburst of our emotions. A mother might not be very expressive, some of you might feel unloved by your mother, but the truth is she is the one who loves you the most.

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Sometimes, it gets difficult for working mothers to spend much time with their kid, and that is when they start feeling unloved or less-loved. A long tiring day at work weakens her so much that when she is back she just wants to rest. If you are a baby and could connect to this situation, I would request you to support your mother at that point of time and help her freshening up, help her cook food so that both of you could manage some extra time to talk to each other.

A mother, before a mother is a woman. No matter what profession she is into, even if she is a homemaker, she has an identity. Most of the time a mother sacrifices that identity for her kid, but the kid should always be co-operative enough to not to let her forget who she is. There is a high tendency of women leaving a job because of her motherhood. In order to give a kid a healthy and happy life many mothers make that sacrifice.

Well, sacrifice is always a part of life but it should never be a one way. If your mother is sacrificing for you, respect her.

There are multiple instances in this world when a woman decides to be in a toxic marriage for the sake of the child, to see happiness on the kids face they don’t leave the marriage even though deep inside her she is unhappy. Not everyone is mentally strong enough to be bullied by society for being divorced.

As woman makes the most of the sacrifices which has been normalised by the society, when that woman becomes a mother, and she has a girl-child, she wants to live her own dreams through her kid, she wants her kid not to ever be in a situation where she is, she never wants her kid to sacrifice the things that she has done.

When I was born, my mother became upset, no, not because I had any issue, but because she never wanted another girl to go through the pain she has gone through in her life. She knew that all that she has been through, if she was a guy, she would not have had to. All that she desired was her baby to have a good life.

As she could not go against the destiny, all that she has taught me in my life is not to sacrifice or compromise on my independence. What I am today, how confident I am today is because she is by my side standing. If I am the captain of my own world, she is my shield. If I am the warrior, she is the weapon that is silently helping me win against the battle. Whatever decision I have made today, good or stupid, she was there and hence all those decision turned out be successful.

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Maa/Mom/Mumma/Mother/Ammi/Mommy/Mamoni, no matter what you call her, her love and feelings for you is never going to change. If you have not been feeling okay lately about your mother, if you are feeling distant from her, if you think she doesn’t love you, trust my word, go and hug her. You will be the happiest person on this earth. A mother’s prayer has the healing power, God listens to mother’s prayer, you know why? Because a mother never prays for her own, but for her child and the family and their wellbeing. God is bound to answer such selfless prayers, isn’t it?

Dear mothers all over the world,

I dedicate this piece of writing to let you know that you are loved, to let you know that you are not alone, to let you know that your prayers will be answered. I dedicate this piece of my writing to thank you on behalf of you kid for taking care of him/her well, for teaching and showing the right path in life. I want to thank all of you for the compromises you make everyday that make you a mother apart from a woman. A motherhood that always wins over womanhood deserves to be praised.

Take care mothers, we need you. :)