There will be a point in your life, where you will start getting new haters. You will be surprised to know, how quickly they increase in number, and the intensity of hate they have for you.

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There are many types of haters that you will encounter, but most of them are either:
Jealous of your accomplishments.
They don’t believe in you
They don’t believe in your ideas/opinions or foundations.

Success makes so many people hate you. I wish it wasn’t that way. It would be wonderful to enjoy success without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you.
–Marilyn Monroe

Who are these haters? Let’s see the what are the character traits of the haters-
They are the most attentive audiences: If you think about them, they are the ones, who keep a close watch on you and your actions, they are very attentive to what you do, and what your next step is. They make sure that you are always confused and not sure about what you are doing, and to ensure that they need to keep a close watch on that. Your family members and friends are not that attentive, as attentive your haters are.

They are always right: If you ever get into an argument with one of your haters, they won’t even listen to you, they are always right, and what they advise are the best advice, that you can get in your life time. They are the failures, who aren’t even capable to starting something on their own and taking it to the next level. They failed very badly, and it is their insecurity and jealousy that they speak out to you.

Comparison with everything and everyone: It’s a very good habit to keep on evaluating ourselves with the person, whom we are inspired of. The haters only intention is to compare you with others, compare themselves with others, comparing their success and failures with others. They constantly compare things and evaluate them, without any vision. They keep on comparing, and instead of acting on what they require to do to make themselves better, they will keep advising other people what to do, to succeed.

Labeling machines: They are very good at labeling people. They keep calling names, abusing others at their back, in front. They do it to all and everyone. The names are abusive and demeaning. The haters label people by the characteristics they show all the time. We think of a person as being a bully, a nerd, a musician, or an athlete. This label may be a reasonable reflection of who they are right now, but it also carries a belief that the behavior reflects a person’s essence and belief.

They enjoy seeing people fail and letting them down: Whenever people fail, they enjoy watching them fall, and they will apply full power to make sure, that they pin point the failures to others and all. the same people who are laughing are the ones who have a poor self-esteem and they are hurt the worst by failure and embarrassment. So, they laugh and feel joy when they see others fail because it makes them feel better about their own failures that they’re unable to deal with.

How to deal with these people?

Don’t give a flying fuck: This is one of the strong and powerful way to deal with the haters. Just don’t care, let them tell whatever they want, and let them do whatever they are doing. They are very unsecured people and all they want is your attention, they will go to every extent possible to grab it. Once they grab your attention, your priorities take a back seat, and they are the ones controlling your life now. So just simply avoid that, and keep going your way, and achieving new goals.

Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.
–Robert Downey Jr

Ignore the person, respect the criticism: The hater may be wrong, may be the criticism is coming up from jealousy, but there might be some real room of improvement, which you may work upon to achieve something bigger. See, you can’t be someone with no haters, and the moment you get to a place, where you are getting noticed and doing something big, You and your haters will attract many haters, and you can’t do anything about it. So why not use them as a fuel and a motivation?

Just show them how to win: You know, you are a winner, and you can win, what if there are some more audiences. Just go on, what you can achieve and take up a task, and show them how you can win. The haters are the real failures, who doesn’t have any to-do list in their life and they are dying to see you lose. So, you should shut them up with your success and achievement.

Keep them as your motivators: Haters are the real motivators. They are the ones whom you want to show that you have the power to achieve whatever you dream and capable of. You are not able to read the minds of the people who are with you, those who love you. There are high chances, that there might be different feelings in their mind, what they portray, but trust me, the haters are the genuine people who appreciate you and the jealousy and insecurity toward you makes them haters.

Learn to use the criticism as fuel and you will never run out of energy.
–Orrin Woodward

Ignore and avoid: Sometimes the haters are negative, and it is impossible to keep them close or even nearby, in this case, the best option will be to ignore them completely, and avoid them whenever possible. It’s better to not get in to any unnecessary fights and arguments, as this will make the work of the haters work easy, of getting your attention. Just simply ignore them, the way you avoid ads in YouTube. Ignoring them won’t change them, but after some time, they will stop putting the nose in your business.

Remember one thing, you are the one who is giving people the power to influence your life. If you give too much attention to the people who are jealous and insecure, your personality will take a hit, and you will be feeling the same gradually. Be with your loved ones, your family members, partners or people who genuinely trust you and makes you feel uplifted and happy.

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