I’d like to share one of my own experience here:

I knew this woman who always spoke about being stalked by this obsessive lover from past six years and said that he used to harm people if they tried to get close to her. She literally used to cry telling how he tortured her over the phone the previous night and how he has made her and her family’s life a living hell.

Most of the people did believe her story but some of them found it to be a bit made up because it was hard to believe that someone would allow themselves to suffer for six years during a time when science and technology have advanced so much that people can be caught within minutes. Some people who were too curious, tried to get close to this woman because they wanted to see if something happens or not. Finally, one day, one of the guys received a text from this Stalker.

He was still not convinced that this guy could be a stalker. They had a brief conversation and the guy offered to meet. He took some more people with him when he went to meet this potential stalker who turned out to be a completely normal guy but what he said shocked everyone. He was not a stalker but the girl’s fiancee. She had complained to him that this guy was following her and so he had texted him. The girl’s cover was blown and the engagement was called-off.

The stories that followed later from her now ex fiancee and her own family was a something that made the woman look like an actual evil who had been manipulating everyone since last two years. She had a history of being a cheat, would lie without hesitation and was so selfish that she had put her family in danger multiple times just to save herself.

She did not wanted people to know about her when she moved to a different city and started making up the stalker stories just to take advantage of people’s empathy. It looked like she wore this mask of a victim and enjoyed watching everyone look like a fool. The whole episode never affected her. She soon found another lover for herself and moved on with her life.

“She is a psychopath!” I heard someone say this about her and that word stuck my mind. I read a lot about how psychopaths behave and the traits matched a lot with her.

Dealing with a Psychopath 2

We’re all familiar with the famous Villains in movies and TV. Apart from that, at some point or another, we all might have read or heard about horrific serial murders and rapes committed by people. Two such people who got famous in the 20th century for their Horrific acts were Jeffery Dahmar, an American serial killer & sex offender and Ted Bundy, killer, rapist and a necrophiliac. One thing that is common in all these individuals and characters is that they’re all Psychopaths.

Dealing with a Psychopath 3

We’re all lucky that we do not deal with Psychopaths everyday but 90% of people have dealt with psychopaths at-least twice in life and they were still unaware of it. While normal people wonder how anyone can come under the sway of such heinous individuals, the fact is that such people are extraordinarily manipulative, amazingly charming, tell you what you want to hear and will lie to you in your face.

Dealing with a Psychopath 4

Moreover they’re too fast at knowing people’s weaknesses and very well know when and how to exploit them. Such people show no empathy and are emotionally unresponsive to whatever wrong they do to people. Things like Fear and being afraid is an alien to psychopaths. The lady whose story I narrated had this weird fetish of going into dark and haunted places in the middle of the night all by her own. It sounds a bit funny but when you will get spooked when you see someone in the act. Keeping aside all these traits, one of the most noticeable thing about psychopaths is how they always look down on others while they’re all self obsessed. You’ll see them always talking bad about people around them. They will literally find a way to develop a disliking for almost everyone for no good reason.

Dealing with a Psychopath 5

According to Psychology Today, Psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot and a psychopath can appear normal. Underneath, he lacks conscience and empathy, making him or her manipulative and often (but not always) a criminal.

Dealing with a Psychopath 6