Date night is a concept known throughout the world as something couples do to spend time together, or for a lot of parents it’s a night away from the kids. Dressing up and going out to a movie or a restaurant, having a picnic, going for a hike, or playing mini-golf. All of these things are common date ideas for couples, but have you ever thought about dating yourself?

You might be laughing, thinking ‘how am I supposed to date myself?’ and it’s a good question. But you’re probably asking this question because you’re thinking about a date as if it were a date for a couple. Instead, think of a date as something simpler.

Let me ask you a few questions first: Have you ever made a bowl of popcorn and sat down on the couch to watch a movie that you’ve been waiting for? Have you ever turned your music up really loud while cleaning your room? Have you made yourself a hot cup of something delicious and sat down to enjoy it? Have you ever given yourself a break from work and taken a nap?

If you said yes to any of these questions then I would like to say, congratulations! You have taken yourself on a ‘date’.

Taking yourself on a date or dating yourself doesn’t have to be some big elaborate thing that you plan weeks in advance, it can be something as simple as watching a movie or painting your nails or making your favorite meal.

I have listed below a few ideas that you can use to ‘treat’ yourself without breaking the bank. I think it’s important to put yourself first by making sure your physical and mental health are in good shape. Now that does not mean that I’m against chocolate or those kinds of treats. No way! I am definitely a chocoholic, specifically hot chocolate, and I love snacks, especially pretzels.

But that’s not the point of this. Although those are good examples of treating myself to a ‘date’, but I digress. I’m here to help you, not drool over my favorite snacks. Maybe I can do both….

Okay, I’m back! I have my two favorite things; hot chocolate and pretzels. Yum! Now back to this list I keep mentioning. I have one condition before I share this list with you.
If you use any of these ideas, I would love to know about it! If you took pictures, I want to see, if you want to tweet it, put it on Instagram. Use the hashtag #onedateme and tag me @oneinviolette I want to see your amazing dates!

Amazing List of Date Ideas for One

Paint your nails a bright color
You can use your favorite color or a new color to experiment, think of all the outfits you could pair with a bright sunshine yellow, or a periwinkle blue!

Mix yourself a hot drink
Hot chocolate! I mean, you can also make a coffee or a tea, but I highly suggest a hot chocolate. Really how can you go wrong? It’s chocolate in liquid form! But go ahead and mix whatever kind of drink you want, completely up to you!

Watch a movie
There are so many amazing, exciting movies out there. A lot of undiscovered movies as well. And it’s all at your fingertips! Whether you use Netflix, or Hulu (maybe another video streaming service), or tv or if you own them on DVD (ancient I know). There are also so many genres of movies out there; romance, action, thriller, horror, comedy, romantic comedy, action thriller, heroes, fantasy, supernatural, documentaries, historical, animation, Disney. So many options! Good luck choosing…

Draw a picture
Whether you are artistic or not, this is a good creative outlet. If you really can’t draw, like really really cannot draw, then I have another option. Coloring! You can never go wrong with coloring; paint by number, children’s coloring books, adult coloring books (although these stress me out!). Coloring is so good for relieving stress and I have never met anyone who has walked away from coloring feeling worse than when they sat down.

Write a story
Everyone has a preference and if you aren’t really the kind of person who draws then maybe writing is more your style. I know that I love writing (obviously) poems, short stories, blog posts, captions, stories. I’m not much of a math person but I’m all about the written word!

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Blast some music and dance
This never fails to make people feel better. Especially if its shamelessly dancing in your bedroom with the door closed and the music blasting. It’s the best feeling to let it all go and know that no one is watching you to judge. So, go show off your dance moves to the mirror, I can wait, and I’ll be right here when you get back.

Go for a walk
Ah, fresh air. Or mostly fresh air if you live in the city. I live in the woods so when I go walking in the forest it’s always so refreshing and calming. But I know that just walking in general makes you feel better, it lets you stretch your legs and get some exercise that is calming. You can never go wrong by walking (unless it’s -40 degrees outside, then don’t forget to bundle up!).

Snuggle with your pet (if it is snuggle-able)
Cuddling scientifically makes you feel better. I can’t remember the exact chemicals your brain releases that make you feel happier, but I do know that hugs and snuggles make it happen. Besides who doesn’t like hugs? So, go and grab your snuggle buddy, settle in and get ready for the happy chemicals!

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Watch some YouTube videos
I bet that you can’t tell me you have never fallen down the YouTube hole. I know I have and maybe I’m ashamed to admit it but hey, it happens. There is so much entertaining content on YouTube and sometimes you find yourself 3 hours later watching a video on how to catch a rabbit when you started watching music videos. I’m not saying it’s happened to me, I’m just saying it’s possible.

Do your makeup
This is a skill that I do not possess but I would like to take a moment to clap for all those who can, and who excel at it. Good for you! If makeup is your thing, and it makes you feel beautiful go for it. This is all about you and making you feel like the amazing person you already are!

Put on your favorite outfit
If you have already done your makeup, then why stop there? Go put on your favorite outfit and complete that fabulous look! With your bright new nails and your favorite outfit and your beautiful makeup you are ready!

Have a photo-shoot!
This is the perfect time to capture that amazing look you have created! You can ask someone to help you with the photos or you can get creative and put a timer on, so you have a hot second to pose. This would be the perfect pictures to put on your social media or print off and put up on your wall. Memories are important and this day where you are looking and feeling amazing is definitely a day to remember.

Make some cookies
Food is one of my favorite things ever. Comfort food is on a whole new level. You can never go wrong with cookies and the process of making them is the best part!

Paint something
I am not a very good painter, but I have heard that it is possible for people to be good at this medium. For those of you that are gifted, congrats. This is the plan, follow a Bob Ross painting video. These are a lot of fun and following along while he paints makes you feel like you can actually do it too! Makes me feel accomplished anyways.

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Cook your favorite meal
Nothing feels like home more than cooking your favorite meal, because I find that a lot of people’s favorite are something from childhood. Comfort food again to save the day! Cooking your favorite and then getting to sit down and eat it? So satisfying!

Have a nap
After a hard day, or maybe it was just very busy, you are tired. You probably have work to do, chores, cleaning, grocery shopping to do. Give yourself a break. Just an hour even to lay down and recharge. Sleep isn’t actually required for a nap but laying there with your eyes closed for a certain amount of time eventually leads to that apparently… you know, so I’m told.

Buy a plant
Yes, this costs money. But taking care of something like a plant can always make you feel accomplished. I’ve read in many places that if you talk positively to plants, they grow faster! Cool fact, right? A bonus to this is that this can help you think in a more positive mindset on a daily basis. Maybe it will eventually become a habit of positive thinking. All because of a little plant.

Read a book
Reading has so many benefits and opportunities. Depending on the type of book you are reading, you can go on fantastic adventures, discover new places, new people, learn a new skill, find confidence, start a business, laugh at jokes, become the next best chef, the possibilities are endless!

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Play an instrument
If you don’t know how to do this, then you can learn! There’s probably an app for the instrument you want to learn anyways if you don’t have any instruments lying around. I know in my house we have so many instruments; guitars, pianos, violins, recorders, a mandolin, bagpipes, a harmonica. Music is a great thing and it’s a beautiful thing to become a part of.

Go window shopping
Yes, this one means going out of the house. Yes, I mean window shopping as in not buying anything. This is a good way to get out of the house and enjoy yourself in a crowd of strangers, being able to walk around and look at the things you want to look at and go to the stores you want to. It’s all up to you!


There’s my Amazing List of Date Ideas for One. I hope that you can find one thing to do from this list or maybe you come up with other ideas! Don’t forget to tag me @oneinviolette and use the hashtag #onedateme if you decide to put your date on social media!

This has been so much fun sharing these ideas with you and I cannot wait to see where you take them.

Until next time,

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