I will start this with the one thing from where I got the thought of writing it started.

On 03 May #theboislockerroom took over on the internet. If you don’t know what is “boislockerroom” (which specifically doesn’t have the Y letter and makes it more creepy for me) If you don’t know what #theboislockerroom is let me tell you that this is an online group chat of teenage boys of capital Delhi. These boys belong from real good backgrounds (See! Education doesn’t give anyone basic knowledge of being a human. Hence proved!) So these boys have made a group chat where they “talk” about girls’ assets by sharing their picture. Those girls are also teenagers.

Similarly, the case got mixed up were a snap chat post got viral along with the boislockerroom screenshots in which a guy –
Not only objectified their body and made verbal comments about it but also mentioned how they will rape them but lately, the news published that a girl itself stated all these just to know about the intention of another guy.

I mean, I don’t know what I should say? Because we have colleges for studying human behavior don’t we?

Thanks to this case another case was on hype which was #Girlslockerroom. I don’t know what is the problem? Why they need such usernames? Girls back bitch in washrooms not talk about fantasies. Or do they? The #girlslockerroom is just like another chat room on Instagram. But on this women were objectifying not only the other women but the men’s as well. They shared the pictures of men and talked about their fantasies, mentioned a few boys who did not reply to their texts, and called them gay just because he was not interested. I mean, trust me this is from where the pseudo feminism comes from. And all the life we said men’s are dogs.

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Objectifying anyone. Be it a man, woman, transgender is wrong! But these are the only thing we know? These two chat groups? Well, ladies! Just open any of your social media spam boxes and you will get plenty of messages where there are men’s who want a reply from your text. And there are some “MANS” (Caps because it was sarcasm) who are so amazing that they literally tell you about your body in such a way that even if you don’t hate yourself you will feel disgusted because of it for a bit. I mean, how can someone elaborate my body like I never knew about it with just one picture? But it does not stop here only with the words. I want to share my favourite ones! Yes! You guessed it right! You see, whenever any man or woman posts the pictures they never mention that “I am posting this picture so that you can spam my message box with your genital pictures.” Because? They don’t want to see that! Honestly why someone thinks that this should be in someone’s gallery? Why they don’t understand that it is something to keep private and trust me, no woman will be glorified after getting this kind of images from strangers.

But the stalkers and cyberbullies of 2020 belong from a different universe or something. Why? Well, since the whole world is in Quarantine and some are playing video games. There are some people who start commenting about a girl’s picture or even if the name presents the gender they will start making comments about her body and whatnot. I mean, seriously! Where is the safety? What should a girl do? Change her name for a video game?

We all know about Tinder and dating apps like this. So basically, the dating site is a “total hookup place” (that’s what I have heard from most of the people) you get a match. Yes! Did you get a match? But it does not mean that after a simple Hi anyone will again send a picture of their genitals and say “Wanna hang out?” No dude, but what I want to do is just block you. Or the worst case, if you get a match and it turns out to be someone who will make you so much uncomfortable on the very first text that you will give up on the idea of getting love online.

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But we have some women as well who take full advantage of social media and #metoo. Like the case of Delhi teenage boy who committed suicide because he was getting threat calls and messages. Why? Because a woman posted on her Instagram story that he molested her two years ago without any proof. And guess what? Everyone believed her and that boy had to end his life. First of all, if someone molests you – you go to the police and there is a law which is running a country. You don’t post it on Instagram! Especially without proof.

After talking about so many things I just want to tell you why it is okay and why this is a part of our society? No, it’s not patriarchy or some 1970 old laws. It’s just that we take everything as a joke. It’s just that we are so okay with objectifying someone’s body that we don’t even know if we are wrong and there is where the young generation is leading. We are so okay to call someone fat, skinny or make comments about their body in a sexual way that it has become normal for everyone and we are living with it. We are living with not checking our spam messages because it will ruin our mood. We are so okay because we don’t even know that stalking, and commenting about anyone’s physique sexually online is a crime.

India has a bigger number of cyber crimes and online harassment. Even a survey conducted by Feminism that 50% of Indian woman’s faces online abuse that too it’s just the number of major cities.

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We have some serious laws like section 354c criminalizes the offense of Voyeurism. It is defined as the act of capturing the image of a woman engaging in a private act, and/or disseminating said image, without her consent. The section prescribes 3 years of imprisonment for the first conviction and 7 years of imprisonment on second conviction along with fine.

Section 503 punishes criminal intimidation as threats made to any person with an injury to her reputation, either in order to cause alarm to her or to make her change her course of action regarding anything she would otherwise do/not do. The offenses under Section 499 and Section 503 are punishable with imprisonment which may extend to two years, and/or fine.
And so many more…..

It is not a joke to stalk anyone, sharing their pictures without consent, making sexual comments, asking for sexual.favours it is a crime. You can find out a link to my article where you will get a brief about how to lodge a complaint and all laws regarding cybercrime. Make the internet a safe place for everyone. Not for a particular gender.