They said Happiness is the highest form of health and health is the true wealth of a human.

However, one cannot be truly happy all the times. We humans are made of various emotions and that is our basic difference from a robot. Robots can’t feel any emotion and made only to perform specific tasks. We humans on the other hand feel differently as per our emotions in various events. Our brain triggers different emotional state of thoughts, feelings in various occasions finally leading to how we respond.

“He is an angry person, let’s just stay away from him”, ” I am a very anxious person”, we make statements like this based on our emotions which leads to the depiction of our characters. This confirms how the emotional quotient shapes our characters and why it is important to be aware of our emotions and the outcomes.

It’s hard to put any effort or use your creativity, knowledge or use your brain to take charge, if you are dealing with any kind of emotional pain inside you. It could be a heart break, failure, rejection, depression, loneliness, anxiety… all these are varieties of emotional injuries. Unfortunately, we choose to ignore them and doesn’t let the pain out.

The thing about physical injuries are they are visible, we can see the severity. We understand the importance of the injury and rush to take care of it. We know that if we tend to ignore the injury, it would become worse, it can lead to infection. We cover our cuts, bandage them, take rest, nurture the injuries. We are aware, how we need to maintain our physical health.

But when it comes to mental health, emotional injuries can impact our lives in most dramatic ways. Neglecting emotional pain can only lead to higher damage and intense the pain. It is clinically proven emotional injuries can adversely affect your physical health, causing high blood pressure, cholesterol, chronic panic attacks, stress, lowering the internal immune system, making you prone to diseases.
So, we need to understand there is particularly no gap between your physical and mental health. Rather both are equally important to maintain your health.

If you fall and cut your leg, you need to search for medicine and bandage to cover the cut. You need to take rest for the leg to heal the wound. Nobody is going to tell, “oh common! It is all in your leg only, just shake it off and run, you will feel better. “.. .. . Then why not the same approach for your emotional outbursts? Why when you are feeling depressed, why to listen ” oh you are feeling depressed, feeling low? Gosh!!! It’s all in your head, just shake it off, just concentrate on your work and everything will be fine”….

No, it’s time to take your issues seriously. If I am feeling a glitch in my heart and emotions, I am entitled to take a rest, I need to look for options to copulate the pain, I need to cover my wounds and take utmost care not to get infection spread over. It is a serious fight I need to learn with all my attention and develop healthy habits to heal the wounds of heart. Just like my physical well-being, I am countable to maintain my emotional health too.

Let’s look for few steps to start healthy habits to strengthen our emotional health and heal the damages:

1. Become aware of the pain
We need to pay attention in how we are feeling. Pain doesn’t get better, if we keep ignoring it. Let’s be aware of what bothering us mentally and admit it to ourselves. Be it a bad mood, a failure, a rejection, anxiety or panic attacks, to treat it further, we need to admit it first.

Controlling emotional damage when life seems crushing 2

Once we are sure about the problem inside, it is easier to treat the injury and take steps to cure it.

2. Protect your self-esteem:
An emotional wound, can launch a cycle of emotions only to make things worse. For example, a rejection in relationship, can directly lead to cutting down our confidence level and lead us to feel miserable. One failure can arise a chain of helplessness and being under-confident, we might face failures again.

Controlling emotional damage when life seems crushing 3

To overcome this situation, we must get into a habit of self-monitoring our confidence level. We need to look for the ways to boost our self-esteem, do something which we enjoyed. It is easy to feel demoralized, but we must not allow our-self to sink into the feeling and look for gaining our control back over the situation to stop the negative cycle.

3. Battle negative thinking with being positive
It is natural to think about the events which made us feel so distressed. But then we keep ruminating the events. We keep on thinking how things upset you, surround in negative thoughts, calling names, thinking how fool you look, how you could avoid this situation. You set back and repeatedly think how it was your fault and all the shortcomings.

So, if you are wounded already, will you take a knife and fiddle with the wound again to cut it deeper? No!

After an emotional setback, you are most vulnerable, and you are repeating it in your head replaying those scenes only to cause more damage of the pain. Instead this is the time we need to treat our-self with compassion. It is important to stop thinking about the negative thoughts and avoid focusing on that event. We need to stop complaining about the negative, learn from it, get distracted and move on to positive thoughts.

Controlling emotional damage when life seems crushing 4

4. Learn something new or add a change in life:
You can feel stagnant because, you may be following same routine and running into a circle. Maybe nothing in your existing life schedule excites you anymore. Your daily life is just weighing you down.
The best way to avoid this is to do something that interests you. Anything that might be, you just need to be proactive to add a change in your life, it can be a small, insignificant task, but completing it, will boost your confidence. It seems you are at-least making a move, taking control of the situation. You can try to join to learn a new lesson, plan an impromptu trip, try making a new dish you never tried, fix a house issue or maybe just wake up half an hour ago to your usual routine. It proves that you have got the power to change how you feel and sets a sense of accomplishment.

5. Surround yourself with people:
Sometimes you want to be left alone, but long period of isolation is not healthy. Now when it’s said to be around people, we are not actually focusing for quantity, rather you need to be selective with the choice of like-minded people and reach out to your friends. It is to spend time with like-minded people, speak your feelings out or sometimes lending an ear to them.Controlling emotional damage when life seems crushing 5

Having a mental support is important. It helps you to take better care of yourself, understanding your personal problem from a different perspective. Sometimes a little encouragement or few words of praise from your near ones can bring a huge positive effect in your mood and feel motivated to get back in the track. Not only you need to speak but listen. Lending an ear to the other person, their challenges, stories of life, future and acknowledging the realities of our surroundings can give you a fresh idea to deal with your own injuries with a different take.

In this journey of life, we always go through layers of emotional exploitation. We need to grow through them learning from experience and understand ourselves and carry our true intentions to the world. Releasing our emotional stress and having awareness to combat emotional buildups will certainly be a skill to help us heal the emotional damage when in distress. Let us honor our pain and don’t run from it and to grow from our emotional wounds and heal it.

I will end this piece with a quote from my favorite movie ” the lion king” as said by Rafiki ” yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it” 😀