I remember I was in 7th or 8th Class. I didn’t know how to iron my clothes but I had perfected the art of making a chai. By the time I reached college and started working, chai became an important part of my diet. Na piyu to sar dukhta hai. Ab to ye haal hai ke khaana na do to chalega lekin chai nai mile to ladayi hojayegi. And I’m not the only such Indian who is a Chai Lover (Not Addict because ‘Addict’ is a negative word). If you take a stroll in any lane in part of the country, you’ll find a chai shop there houseful with customers.


p style=”text-align: left”>Apart from chai, we drink Coffee. Baaki english mei Latte, Cappucino, Falana-Dhimkana bhi bolte hai lekin we only call it Coffee. Ye abhi abhi trend mei aaya hai. Younger guys drink more coffee only for two reasons: Pehla to Cool lagta hai aur dusra Instgram pe photo achi aati hai.😂
Anyways, so after my night shift, me and my brother were on our way home. Time was around 7:30AM and brother says “Chal na ek jaga chai pilata hu.” How can anyone refuse such an offer!? So we went all the way from our office to Kothaguda X-Road on Foot. Around 40minutes of morning walk. This was the first time that I had been to this tea shop. Its name was “MITHUN TEA CORNER”. Its right opposite Google office at Kothaguda. Most of the Google Employees come to drink chai coffee there. If you stay at HYDERABAD, then you’ll be able to find the place easily.


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The tea vendor actually had a Menu of Chai and Coffee. He had multiple flavour types of Chai and Coffee and they looked amazing. I mean have you ever heard of KIWI FLAVOURED CHAI or PINEAPPLE OR GUAVA FLAVOURED CHAI?? Atleast not in INDIA. For the First Time I’ve seen STRAWBERRY and CARAMEL FLAVOURED COFFEE.


p style=”text-align: left”>Chai-Coffee with Bhai 3
Being a Chocolate Addict, I ordered for a Chocolate Coffee (aur instagram ke liye pic bhi chaiye tha😛) and Brother (who had actually discovered this place) ordered for a Ginger Lemon Tea. I have seen Ginger Green Tea but this was the first time the guy had actually mixed chopped pieces of ginger in the lemon tea and it looked as well as tasted quite unique.

Chai-Coffee with Bhai 4  Chai-Coffee with Bhai 5

We guys wanted to try some more variety of chai but then I had a shift in the evening and needed some sleep and we had a pretty long distance to cover to come back home. I paid for my CHOCOLATE COFFEE through Google Pay and brother paid for his GINGER LEMON TEA through Paytm cos we did not had any cash. The coffee had actually started to show some of its affect and I wasn’t able to sleep to socha iske baare mei likh ke hi sote hai. If you’re a Tea-Coffee Lover then you should definitely try this. I’m sure you’re gonna love it. Just like me and Faisal(sibling) loved it! Cheers! ✌😁

Chai-Coffee with Bhai 6