Be it personal or professional life, I’ve been known for notoriously taking shortcuts to get things done quickly. They call me with different names like Gochibaaz, Chaar Sau Bees or Maskhara. Out of this my favorite one is Jugaadu.

Guilty as Charged! I accept all the charges pressed against me. But do you have a proof of that? No? I have my defense. I prepare for my defense before applying a cheat code.

Its actually not bad taking shortcuts but I’ve always made sure of one thing that it does not impacts negatively on people. While working if I see that by taking a certain shortcut I will be able to make the clients, customers, managers happy and save my score at the same time then theres nothing wrong in doing that. However at any point if I find that I have been hampering anyone of them by doing certain ‘Gochi’, I do not proceed with it. Haa wo alag baat hai ke I find an alternate Gochi for that.

To be honest, theres no fun in following the same process over and over again. Putting your thought process into something that makes work easier without impacting anything is actually called Smart Work.

However I do not dare to play up on any initial stage when I do not have the complete knowledge of how things are to be done. Someone once told me “A child first learns to stand, then walk and then run. If he tries to run as soon as he is born then he will end up breaking his leg. Similarly do not try to play up when you’re a beginner. You will end up screwing things up. First learn how the process works. Learn the pros and cons. Check for the loopholes. Then play your trick. And do not underestimate people around you. Always have your back up ready.”

Thats what I started believing and apply everywhere. After-all, at the end of the day No one really cares about What Road you have taken. They only care about how far you have come.