Only once in my lifetime I cried while coming back to home from a trip. I generally don’t do that, rather I get more excited when its time to get back but well this trip was something special. Yes it’s true that I love sea and Andaman is no wonder the best place for lovers like me. And especially when you get to do scuba-diving and snorkeling and many more adventurous things like this you get to forget the rest of the world. But this was also not the reason. The reason was I fell in love. Oh,not that filmy bf-gf one.
I fell in love with few people.
We had 1 tour operator and two drivers with us, and the interesting part was one of them was “Muslim” one “Hindu” and one “Christian” . Shocked? You think its filmy? NO, dear it was the reality. And it was amazing to feel the bond that they used to share with each other.
Now the next important part, the tour operator, ok, lets take his name, my “SAHID uncle” took us to his house, and we met his family. We were invited for a lunch, and I couldn’t resist cause there was “BIRIYANI” in the menu. While eating, we get to know that his wife is a hindu! Once more I fell in love with him. I couldn’t resist respecting that person. His baby girl was even an angle! I still remember her face(I know it has changed ??)
So the next day when we had our flight back to home, he came to see us off. I couldn’t resist touching his feet, and them hugged him too and cried like a baby.?Point of narrating this story is we all travel, sometimes even alone. And we do adventurous things, we do fun, we experience new things, new food, new culture. But to save them in the memory box no matter how many pics we take, one or fspecialial person always touch our heart.

In the lone journey of life we all get many people to create memories and to cherish those memories forever. So keep making HAPPY MEMORIES! ?