Today, the whole country is shaken, shattered, shocked. From last night, the news has spread over all the social media and news platforms. Nobody is unaware of the incident that I am going to speak about today. Yes, it is the GANGRAPE & MURDER case of the veterinary doctor, Priyanka Reddy.

After finishing her daily routine, a 26 years old doctor, just wanted to go back home and get some good rest. Little did she knew was that the night was going to be the worst one and the last night for her. Her family never thought that they will never get to see her face again.

Dr. Priyanka used to travel daily by her two-wheeler and last night was no exception. However, unlike the other nights, this time, she had a flat tire. At around 9.30 pm, all she could find were a few truck drivers nearby. Although she was scared to ask help from them, they approached her from their end. They were four people (although I am ashamed of calling them people or human!) out of which one took away the Scooty from her to fix it. The rest of the three were there with her.

One of them took the lead and started the course of action, which as per the investigation now seems to be a pre-planned one. One by one they raped her, even the guy who went with the Scooty, came back and took part. Once done, she was brutally murdered and then burnt almost alive. Her half-burnt body was found in the morning by a hawker.

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We have come to know that the last call she made was to her sister asking for help as she was scared to take help from those strangers. Within just a few minutes after she made the call, her phone was switched off and she went missing. All that the family got in the morning was a half-burnt body which was not only burnt but also forced for SEX!

We all knew that a place like Hyderabad is safe for women to travel at night as there are many IT companies and many female employees work in the night shifts. I, myself have worked there for more than a year and never ever in my worst nightmare thought of such an incident taking place in that city.

Now, let’s come to some discussion.

1. What was the reason behind the rape?

Whenever a girl is molested or raped, most of the time, society has blamed their dresses. They say the length of the dress has drawn the attraction of the male eyes.

Here, in yesterday’s case, the doctor was wearing no dress that revealed a single part of her body inappropriately! She was well covered from top to bottom. Then what attracted those monster’s eyes?

2. Whom do you blame for the rape?

Now that may sound like a stupid question to a few people. They will say, whom will you blame if not the rapists?

Dear society & Indian Govt,

This kind of situation is nothing new in India. Nobody in this country or even outsiders are unaware of the Nirbhaya’s case. The girl in Delhi, who was raped in front of her friend on the bus and was thrown out of the bus. Even after that, when the rapists found her alive, they tore her inside out. Honestly, being a girl, a human being, I do not have the guts to write any further details of that case. Unfortunately, all that we could do was candle march and few social media shares and few of us have shed some tears. But all of those rapists are still not hung or given a death sentence.

The day Priyanka Reddy was raped, the same day, India has seen many more. 2 teenagers in the holy Kalighat temple, a 25-year-old student in Ranchi was gang-raped by 12 men, 20 years old raped and hung to death in Tamil Nadu, 32 years old gang-raped by 5 in Tamil Nadu, 14 years old raped by 2 in Gujrat, 11 years old raped by an auto driver in Chandigarh.

While investigating this case, the police even found other bodies at the same place. The same way raped and murdered and burnt. The place where those bodies were found, is a completely abandoned place and nobody generally goes there. Thankfully the hawker went that morning for some reason and it was all found there.

It clearly speaks out one thing, these rapists were running a racket. Almost everyday they were killing women and as nobody was being punished, they made it a habit and became fearless.

While discussing those events, I have come across a few people who even concentrated on the fact that the main culprit was a Muslim. Can anyone tell me how does it differ if the rapist was a Hindu or a Muslim or any other caste? For heaven’s sake! A rapist has no caste. Those shitty people need to stop showing secularism at the wrong place. In the name of being secular, we society people are letting those beasts roam freely.

I have even come across a few people who insist on the point that if a victim has a specific caste, then she gets attention. Else not!

A sincere message to all those people. We are girls first and then Hindu, Muslim or Christian. Whether we are in a short dress or in burkha, we are the victims. Honestly, we fucking do not need any kind of attention from such sick people. We just need our own place and peace to be in the society safe and sound.


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From being 3 months old to 80 years old, no women in this country is safe today. I do not think that I need to specify all those incidents individually. Rather than burning candles, we need to burn those bastards alive. We need to cut their balls off and hang them alive.

I saw a video that shows those 4 rapists were given protection while being taken to custody. My question is why? Why the hell those bastards need protection for? Why can not they just be given in the hands of pulic to burn them alive? The video clearly shows how much resource the Govt. has. Why can they not use these resources to protect us?

I am sleepless from the moment this incident came into picture. Certainly this is not the first one I got to know. But today, I am a corporate employee and I work at night shifts. Generally I prefer Ola/uber for communication but from yesterday I do not have the guts anymore. I am taking public transport and hoping, if something goes wrong, there will a at least one person to help. When I went out yesterday, all the time I felt that unwanted gazes are towards me, the breathing of people felt disturbing around me.

Yes, I am scared! I am scared to death.

Honestly, being a girl, there is something I could bet on. No girl/woman in India is there who has not been molested at least once in her life. Someday, somewhere, by some elderly person a kid is being molested, a girl is being eve-teased by a group of boys, some are being raped publicly.

None of these souls, nor any other victims who survived are going to get justice. Many incidents come out in media and public but still most of such cases gets hidden, be it for political pressure or for anything. We need to protect our own selves. Carry knife, carry any sharp razor-like thing, carry pepper spray. Chop the balls of those people who try to touch you without your permission, rip off the eyes that stare at you the wrong way. If the Govt cannot punish those rapists for the sake of law, they cannot punish you for defending your own selves.

Dear Govt.,

When will you understand that a rapist, is nothing but a rapist. His caste does not matter, his social status does not matter, and his age? Certainly! IT DOES NOT MATTER. If a teenager girl could be raped, if a 3 months old could be raped, then a teenager rapist too could be hung. If a guy is old enough to rape someone and kill someone, he is old enough to be given death sentence. Why  Nirbhaya’s rapist who was below 18 years old was not given such punishment? Why is he allowed to get a new name and new identity and a tailoring machine to go on in life?

Chances could be given to those who makes mistakes. And raping someone it is not a mistake! It is the deadliest crime to commit and those people do not deserve to live in this planet nor in any other!

Screw the rules and regulations, forget about the society, be your own guard. Someday, we all have to die, but no girl deserves such death. Rather these mentally retarded beasts deserve a painful death. Hanging them at once, honestly that won’t help. Painting them everyday by chopping of his body organs one by one each day in public might sacre those shitty head people.

The irony is we girls go out with guys in order to save ourselves from guys! Stop poisoning stray dogs, poison those beasts.

~sincerely from a girl who is not safe in this country!

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