I’ve had my fair share of relationships in the past (more than 30 I believe! I lost count actually) and one thing common about all of them is that none of them worked out. Sometimes either the girl broke up and sometimes it was me who broke up. A common concern that all my Ex’s had was I never looked upset or sad after we broke up. I guess they wanted me to cry and crib about the whole thing which they never got to experience. This made them feel that I never loved them.

To be honest, they were all partly correct. I never felt upset or sad after a break up. I feel bad for an hour or two but not longer than that. I have always perceived relationships as just a part of life and not my life. I do not let a break up ruin my other relationships or affect what I do every day. Moreover, I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who are good at cheering up even the saddest ones.

Apart from that, I’ve experienced painful things than break-ups since quite a young age. I’ve seen family members dying unnatural and unexpected deaths. I have seen a friend get electrocuted and die in front of me. I was called back to work from a hospital when I was admitted with dengue because they were not able to find a temporary replacement for me and then made to work rigorously for 15 hours. I have walked miles with a bleeding nose, was bullied by unknown people, cried helplessly when no one was watching, tried suicide once yet I somehow managed to pick up the broken pieces, stood up and came from tea stall to the third largest multinational company in the world.

I’m not here justifying my actions, but I’m not bothered about people if they want to leave. Neither do I want to keep up with people who destroy my mental peace. If you think that makes me a stone heart or inhuman then that’s your perception. I always believe in what a famous person once said, and I quote, “Your Life is a Story Book and Love is Just a Chapter. Not the whole Book.”