“Doctor saab, dekhiye na! Ye ladka na bilkul padhai ni karta, dinbhar khelta hai, padhne bolo toh kuchh yaad nahi rehta, likhne bolo toh haath me dard hota hai iska. Singing classes bheje the, ghar ake practice ni karta! Din bhar uchhal kud. Kisi chiz mein concentration nahi hai iska!”

It was absolutely shocking when the ‘Mom’ came out of the chamber with the baby!
Trust me, the kid was not even five years old and her mother has taken him to the doctor cause all the above mentioned fact are his diseases that needed to be cured! Can you believe this?Yes, I was the witness there hearing the conversation between the doctor and the lady. Oh, by the way, she was so loud that I heard all the words uttered by her even from the outside.

No wonder kids nowadays are so much homesick and sick as well. Talking about their physical condition, most of the kids these days are victims of several new diseases and unfortunately the reason behind their illness are getting tougher day by day. Going in the field and playing in the open environment helps up building better immunity and this is the thing they are missing majorly.

When the kids are getting sick and the doctors are failing to cure them the doctors are being blamed whereas the parents themselves are to be blamed. If a baby disagrees to eat they are being given the mobile phone to distract.  In stead of letting them go and play in the park in the evening they are made to sit in front of the televisions and  computers to watch some nonsense verbs.From the kindergarten only they are being sent to take tuition. They are carrying a huge heavy backpack of books and not the bat and balls or any other sports related things.  They are left to stay with the maids as most of the parents are working.
The communication gap between the parents and the kids is a big matter of worry today. A study shows out of 10 mental patients there are 2 to 3 kids of age 5 to 12 years. Another study shows out of 50 parents only 1 and sometime none are sending their children to the ground or encouraging them to play.

Now, come to the next part of the incident I witnessed that evening. Even though the doctor tried to convince the mother that her son is absolutely fine, when she came out, she told her husband that she’ll take her son to another doctor.

Is there any way out to convince the parents that going to the ground and playing, is not a disease but a normal nature of a kid. They need to go out, mix up with new kids, need to play in the open-air an not in an AC room, in front of an idiot box .