So I was somewhere in Erangel when Sumit (my friend & colleague) kept calling me. I did not wanted to be disturbed so I kept disconnecting the call. He texted me after that to come to cafeteria to celebrate a batch-mate’s birthday. But I only got to see the text after I was done with my game and missed the celebration. Yes! I have a “Gamer Mode” in my phone where no notifications can pop up in between my game. But I’m not gonna write about the features of my phone. I’ve always heard people keep blabbering about being a gamer is bad. It makes you an addict. Agreed! Even I’m a Gaming Addict and have played almost all the PC and Mobile Games (PS jamta nai hai haat pe). For me Gaming is like an escape for myself from the everyday drama around the world, at-least for a while. I don’t know about others but I found myself gaining a lot by Gaming. How? I’ll explain..

Since PUBG is trending nowadays, I’ll start from that. Playing single has helped me improve my decision making skills and made me believe that I need to survive alone. When we’re left alone in a place where 99 others are trying to take you down each and every minute, its only one person who knows which way is the right way and that is us. Moreover we need to make faster decisions or else we’ll either be thrown out of the zone or screwed by someone else.

Playing with a squad showed me the importance of team. It shows how important it is to stick to the pack and how insanely powerful we can be when we’re on the same page. You also learn how to manage a group of people and yourself who are completely unknown sometimes.
Apart from these, there’s one thing that all the games have taught us which is getting back up each and every-time you fall. There’s always a next chance if you screw up this time. There’s always scope for you to start once again and do things differently to get what you need. So be it a Game or Life, every-time I loose, all I say is “I’m a Gamer, I’ve got many chances.” and start once again. ‘Cos I know I will win. If not today then tomorrow. If not the Highway then My Way.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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