“Beauty is an Adjective. It does not defines who are you.”

I wish that these words were true enough. I wish, the criteria of beauty was not just pouty kissable lips, big eyes, and long dark hair. With the time we have changed the idea of beauty but the white skin is still called as beautiful and dark…. – well. How can someone call a dark girl beautiful? Or Black beauty to say that black is beautiful. But still, I am making a difference because of my brown tan skin and not because of my work or my intelligence and kindness, am I? We are in the era of Social media where the followers, likes, comments are deciding about our beauty and our existence. Our poses, our makeup is what worthy of “likes” and we are technically living in a place where our pictures are more valuable than us in real. I am not saying that I envy pretty people but why there is a beauty standard in our society? A scale which for beauty sounds pathetic isn’t it?

You’ve got 55 likes on your new post and 75 followers on Instagram and suddenly you are unacceptable for the society. You have got 224 likes and 1600 followers! Yes! The society can accept you as per the number of your followers and your beauty. I am not against this part. Of course – if someone is looking beautiful to you, you can admire them. But what is the deal with “She has 1500 followers on Instagram and 2k followers on Tik-Tok.” I mean, feminists have worked hard so that we can get a role in modern society and the achievement should not be judged with our Instagram followers. We have talked about the virtual world enough – let’s talk about the real-world beauty standard?

As much as the cyber world has its own standard of beauty for everyone – The real world has its own struggle. Here, the beauty standard comes with what kind of makeup someone is wearing? If a man wears makeup it becomes a taboo and if a girl is comfortable with her t-shirt and jeans we call her “The guy” of the group. No one wants to hurt their sentiment of course but eventually, we do that.

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People judge everyone with the kind of skin they have, their features, the texture of their hairs, the “perfect” size of their waist, and if a guy or girl is way too skinny or fat. We have so many criteria to fulfill to be the “Perfect” for everyone but we forget that somewhere or the other we are not beautiful for someone. Perfection is a myth. The beauty we crave for is going to fade someday and what we have inside us, what we do for the society – makes our worth. Many a time – I have heard the word “You look perfect! but there is…” People do not want to hear that what they lack and if they lack anything we should not use perfect or make them feel like we accept them the way they are. Their kind of beauty is not a disorder and accepting ourselves with insecurities or flaws is what we should do first. If we do not love the way we look if we can not accept ourselves the world is going to find flaws in us.

Society standards kill our self-esteem and sometimes take a life because of it. Racism itself is a big thing and people are getting killed because of it. You must have heard about #blacklivesmatter the hashtag is trending because of the recent death of George Floyd, 46, on Monday, May 25th was detained for questioning regarding a possible crime in progress. The incident which was caught on video showed a police officer identified as Derek Chauvin pinning Floyd down to the ground when things escalated and holding his knee to Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes as he continued to interrogate him. He died after this and I don’t understand the reason behind this? Our world is so obsessed with colors and black – white, discriminations are everywhere but someone is getting murdered and bullied because of their choices, color, nationality, ethnicity, and what not? Being a human is not enough sometimes I guess? It was not the first time someone got killed, people face wage issues, sexual assault what not because of their color!


We sometimes become so mean that we forget that the person in front of us is a human as well. Their color, their choices, gender, facial features, body weight is just a part of them. We should not be so obsessed and become so judgemental that we start differentiating. The society standard does not make you a good human – your kindness does it. Be kind to whatever their class, role, features are. We can stop this with our little kindness and make the world a better place for everyone. We can make the world a better place if we stop looking at beauty as an adjective to define them. If the pretty features are just the cherry on the cake then Talent, humanity, kindness is what the world needs.