Recently one of my friends got married. People were quite happy at his wedding. The food was great. Hospitality by his in laws was great. They left no stone unturned in making sure that each and everyone in the party feel delighted to be there. While just sitting with my group I overheard some people talking that how good the groom looked. However, they did not have the same opinion about the bride.

“She’s ugly! I don’t know what this boy looked in her.”

“Look at her, how black she is.”

“The boy is so good looking, and the girl is so dark!?” was all what they said.

I never understood what obsession people have with fair skin. I mean what if the same fair skinned husband starts beating up his wife after getting married? Or what if he starts harassing his in-laws for dowry? Will you still call him a good guy?

Looking this from a different side. Let’s consider the Groom to be Dark and the Girl to be Fair. Can you assure that the girl will not be disrespectful towards the groom’s parents in future? Or do you guarantee that the girl will always be a loyal wife?
Why is having a fair skin compared to being beautiful and something other/less than that is considered ugly? Even if you look at any of the match making ads, most of the people are only looking for fair skinned partners. It does not just stop here… According to the television advertisements, a girl will be rejected if shes dark but will directly become the owner of the same company 14 days later after she applies a stupid fairness cream.

Back in the school days, I had a classmate who had a darker complexion and everyone in the class called him with all sorts of names except for his own. But it’s not their mistakes because this is what they have been watching everywhere. Its us elders who think that making jokes on someone’s complexion or body weight is funny. Right since day-one, the kids are accused of being black or over weight as if they have committed a crime.

I’ll be honest and blunt when I say that our ancestors who have started the ritual of discriminating based on cast, color, religion and nationality were the biggest bunch of idiots ever. I don’t know if anyone knows this or not, but the World’s Most Beautiful and Highly Paid Model is a Black Woman-Khoudia Diop. Gone are the days when beauty was measured based on color. Even today, the best President in the World is none other than Martin Luther because it’s the character and values that matters at the end of the day. Having a fair skin does not mean that you are Beautiful. The only definition of Beautiful is YOU. Just the way you are.❤

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