Every gang has this one person who is usually loud, foul mouthed, sarcastic and completely outspoken. He or she has that ability to speak anything in front of anyone at any time. I’ve always been that type of person in my group of friends. There’s no lock I have on my mouth.
Off late I realized that some people do not accept you to be a part of their group for having that kind of attitude. They find you too dumb to speak at wrong places and try to discourage you from that not realizing that it’s actually a USP that you have. They try to change you which is impossible and when they fail, they call you an idiot and corner you from the gang.

The reality is that they’re just afraid of the fact that you spit the truth in people’s faces. You’re not someone who will comfort people with lies. They might laugh for a while at your antics but once that comes to them, they don’t know how to handle it so they try to stay away from you.

I have been in situations where I have stayed alone for a long time. I’ve spent my childhood in a place where people were too conservative and afraid to face their own reality. But as they say, “Somewhere someone is made for you.” I’m now blessed with a bunch of these people who are same as me and would say something more savage every time I trash talk. Usually I just talk nasty stuff in their face, but I truly feel blessed to have these bunch crazy people in my life. These people have been more than just friends to me. I do not need to think twice before speaking in front of them or even put on a fake accent to seek acceptance. I believe that’s how true friendship should be. You say something bad to your friend and they say something even more insulting and then you both laugh about it.

So, if you’re one of those crazy people who are just being cornered by others for being the way you are then you do not need to change yourself. You’re just in the wrong group. The best thing is to be a lone wolf for the time being and let the correct people find you. They will enjoy your craziness rather than asking you to be like everyone else.