There is always a battle of voices in my head. It speaks up all the time, whether it’s needed or not. I am not able to control it, neither there is any way to tame it or control it. It just goes on speaking.

Note: I am not talking about hallucinations or any other psychological disorders.

Example: You went to the supermarket primarily to take sugar and other grocery items, but you take all the grocery and forget the sugar. Suddenly, you hear your inner voice: Oh shit, I forgot to take sugar. I know the example, you are thinking about, I am going to exclude that probably.

Here’s what some of the regular readers think:

Priyanka says:

I always listen to my inner voice aka I follow my intuition a lot. Yup it’s necessary to me. If my intuition tells me not to do it I don’t further proceed. If it says yes, then no matter what happens I always follow that little voice inside me. My gut feelings have never disappointed me. never ??

Amrita says:

Projects the negatives out… So that i get a clear idea what all may be the negative outcomes
Many times, I was wrong
Still that’s my voice

This is the phenomenon that psychologists call “inner speech”, and they’ve been busy researching since a long time. You may read about the research stuff here on Wikipedia.

Even I ignored the research stuff, just like you did. You just saved 5 minutes of frying your brain with some jazzy technical and scientific staff.

Talking about the voices, which all of us mostly have are:


Most of us feel insecure sometimes, but some of us even feel insecure most of the time. There could be multiple reasons for the same: the kind of childhood you had, traumas, experiences of failure or rejection, loneliness, social anxiety, negative thoughts, or having a critical parent or partner can contribute to insecurity.

Motivation and go-ahead

There is a voice on the other side, which says, let’s do it man! Let’s see what happens, the risk appetite of this voice is very high. The voice is very motivating and inspiring. This is one of the voice which lead me to create this blog and interact with such wonderful readers and get a platform to share my feelings and experiences.

What about/what if’s

What if I fail? What about my neighbours? What about my relatives? What will they think? How will they react? What if I am average again on the field? What if I don’t excel? These stupid endless questions have an impact on most of us. Multiple theories, whataboutery, what-ifs keeps on popping up and they just delay what we are planning to do or start.

Calculations and Analysis

Not every voice which we have in our mind is negative or motivating. Some are helpful and logical, you will always see a deep analysis and research coming in your mind. Listening to this voice will make you take an informed decision. This voice is very analytical in nature and it is helpful in all cases.

Lazy cat

Come on man! Do it tomorrow. This is the most common voice and phrase that I hear in my head for every work I try to do, I don’t know why. The worst part is along with my age it is increasing day by day. I have seen some people flaunting this, and proudly saying I am a lazy cat. Please let me know, if you guys also hear the same thing in your mind.

My personal experience:

I have said fuck off to the thoughts and doubts which came to my mind when I decided to be a blogger. Even I thought what if I fail, what if people don’t like me as a writer, then I thought about the number of people who genuinely supported me, trust me it added the fuel for me to start and dedicate time for writing, reaching out to people for surveys and feedback. I also thought about the people who were waiting for me to fail.

I have decided not to pay attention to what these negative voices say in my head or what others are going to think about my decisions or the path I am going to take. I am confident regarding my path to achieving what I ultimately want to achieve. I am going to take responsibility for whatever happens in my life and the risks that are present in the path.

Remember these quotes:

“Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring about what others think.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”
[Stanford University commencement speech, 2005]”

― Steve Jobs

Concluding, we will never be able to stop the voices in our mind and head. Human beings minds are blessed with reasoning and logic, the voices are the ones, who guide us to the right path and helping us make our decisions with proper analysis. It’s completely up to us, where we take ourselves keeping the voices in our mind and taking the suggestions that come up to us.

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