The Girl has left the city where she went to pursue her dreams and she is now back to hometown. Today, she is jobless, but not hopeless.

Today while she is sitting idle at home, her mind is not idle. She has multiple thoughts running in her mind. Sometimes she thinks of pursuing her masters, sometimes she thinks of applying for a new job, sometimes she plans on her dream business. She is confused about which one should be an ideal one for her as of now.

After being independent for more than 2 years, it was a tough call for her to call it to quit and come back home and do nothing. Situation and surroundings did not co-operate with her and she had to take the decision of being unemployed. She knows that she needs to answer a lot of people every single day.

Questions are in the queue:
What will you do now?
When are you planning to join the next job? 
Are you crazy that you left the job all of a sudden at this point of time?
Are you planning to go for the Master’s course?
Are you planning to prepare for Govt. Jobs?
Are you planning to get married?

Well, to answer to all those curious minds! She does not know!

So what if she has left the job? It’s certainly not the end of the world for her. She knows she has it in her. She can start up something new at any point of time in her life. Getting a new job won’t be taking much time for her if she wants to join.

She has been through hell all these years, let her come over everything. Let her take some rest. More than her body, her mind needs it. She needs some alone time, some family time, maybe some friends time. Maybe this is the time for her to do nothing, but sit quietly with a cup of tea and watch the night sky, maybe it is the time for her to read some good books, to soothe her ears with some good tunes. Maybe it’s the time for her to let go of the tears, to brush up her skills. It is her time to fall in love, all over again, with her OWN-SELF.

Who are those people to judge her or to laugh at her? She knows that not a single person was beside her in her bad days, rather those “people” made it worse. So she has decided to not to give ears to anyone. She has seen those people burning when she overcame her bads and achieved happiness. As life goes on, ups and downs become a part of it. She was down, she rose. Today for the world, it might be again a phase when she is down, but she knows that it is the way to go upwards. Her “ME TIME” will take her where she wants to. She has not only been a corporate lady, but she has also been a “Not-a-famous” singer, an okayish host, an average of a writer. So now, she is dreaming big. Life can take a turn anytime and she needs to wait.

Waking up, going to the office, have a handsome salary- that’s a package of an average daily life. She does not know if she was just born for it. However, she knows that she needs no such boundaries. She wants to expand her wings.

Not everyone gets success at a certain age, for some, it takes quite a time. Also, the meaning of success varies from person to person. There are things everyone wants to achieve in life. She also has some. And this pause in her life is one of the major keys to achieve hers. Every single day spent in a completely different city has taught her lessons. The beginning was not an easy one and she has survived through it. So she knows, her way is not going to be an easy one. But she has trust in herself that she is going to make it up the way it should be. Nobody has seen the future and so has not she. It is all about keeping the hope alive inside her and get going.

She trusts nobody, but herself.

An unfortunate explorer of life, a keeper still awaiting to be kept.
The mystery girl, with different view towards everything and everyone.
Writer by passion and obsession, dreamer of positivity.