Jeanne Louise Calment (21/02/1875-4/08/1997), the Oldest Smoker in the World said “All my Doctors were Non Smokers and advised me to Quit Smoking. They all Died and I’m still here.”

So the other day at my office I went for a Fag Break with my friends. After having a smoke when I came back and when I was about to sit, Deepa (colleague) started shouting “Oh my God! Faiz please go and sit somewhere else. You’re smelling of cigarettes. I hate that smell.”
I be like.. Dude! You find it bad then go and sit somewhere else. Its a huge place with a lot of space to sit. That was what I told her. I mean she was not the one who paid for my cigarettes then why does she want to tell me where to sit after a fag!? Deepa is not the only one. Everyday there are many people around smokers come across who say they Hate Smoking and Smokers because it Causes Cancer. Even in public places and movie theatres, there are ad campaigns asking people to Quit Smoking. Well! I just want to ask them that does being a Non Smoker or staying away from Smoke and Smokers make you Immortal? Are you guys not going to die some day?
On an approximate value, the rate of people dying due to smoking per year is 17% and people suffering with lung cancer due to smoking is 23%. I’m not promoting smoking or saying that smoking is good. I myself ‘am a fitness enthusiast but I love smoking. I smoke Cigarettes, Hookah and Vape and I won’t be quitting it for anyone though I have cut down on it while working out. But on behalf of all the Smokers, I just wanted to ask those Almighty Anti-Smoking People once again that does being a Non-Smoker Makes You Immortal?

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..