“This middle-aged woman in the video addressed seven men at the restaurant to rape us because she felt we deserved it for wearing short clothes and bashing her unsolicited opinion. For speaking up against her primitive mindset,” I read this on facebook when I was checking my news feed. I ignored this in the beginning but I saw a lot of people sharing it and then I watched the entire video.

The incident was recorded and shared on Facebook by Shivani Gupta, a copywriter by profession.
It all started at Nukkadwala Restaurant at Sohna Road, New Delhi, where this Lady randomly called Shivani and started shouting at her because she thought that her dress was too short and it provoked men to rape her because they were staring at her thighs. When the woman was confronted by her friends, she just said that such girls deserved to be raped and asked seven random men to rape the girls before leaving.

I’m not here to talk about how the Indian Society works and how Democratic India is. There are a lot of People talking about it right now. I’m writing this because I’m just shell shocked at how a woman can say something so terrible to another woman. What example are these people setting for the next generation? Did she ever think how would her daughter (if she has one) feel if someone told her that she deserves to be raped?

“Hello guys, this lady wants to wear short dresses to encourage all to see them. All the ladies wear short dresses, or are naked… to rape!” she said looking into the camera. (Sorry about her idiotic English, she’s illiterate) She actually meant “Hello guys! This lady wants to wear short dresses to encourage everyone to notice them. All the ladies wearing these short dresses can roam naked to get raped”

“They are all psycho,” she said when one of the girls asked her what provocative clothes did a two-year-old girl or a burkha-clad lady or an old age woman wore when she got raped. However, was that normal how she reacted in front of the camera? An equally psycho person would randomly Slut-shame an unknown girl for no reason and would ask men to rape the girl and walk away as if nothing happened.

Unfortunately, the woman in the video is said to be a school teacher and now that’s something to be worried about. I mean what would she teach her students? Will she say that all the girls in her school deserve to be raped because they wear skirts as a uniform and ask boys to rape them? The sad part about the whole incident is some women support the belief that girls provocate people to rape them because they wear short dresses. Its still hard for most of us to believe that such people actually exist.

So this is extended support from my end to Shivani Gupta and we all here at The Mood Recipes stand by her and demand an Apology from that Lady.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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