Today, before going to bed, I won’t be expecting to see you tomorrow, And it hurts..!

I will wake up and do everything that I do every day, but won’t be staring at the road, cause you won’t show up.
And it hurts.
Even though I am sick, I will not have you run your fingers through my hair tomorrow.
And it hurts.
Even if I am sick, I was happy to cook for you today, but tomorrow there won’t be the need for doing so…
And it hurts.
Time spent with you goes away so fast, and when you are not around, it becomes so slow that it hurts.
It seems like we were never apart and will still meet in college tomorrow.
But we have walked past it and it hurts.
When my finger touched yours, it never felt like we met after TEN months.
It felt like, nothing had ever changed and we were just a hug away.
But when the reality hits harder, it hurts.
There will be people around you who will be able to see you, touch you, hold you today, but it won’t be me.
And it hurts.
Today, when it is raining here, I am no more worried that you will get late, cause you are not on the way to my home. But I will still be waiting for you to reach your room safely.
It still hurts.
I will again go back to work and will again be busy and lost.
Yes, I will again not have much time to talk to you.
Not only you, to me as well, it hurts.
Long-distance phone calls and video calls would keep us connected. But when I would need your touch and you will just be on the screen, it would hurt.
I will be rude and ruthless to you, shouting at you, getting mad at you, cause being away from you…HURTS!
For someone like me, whose world revolved around you once and still does, distance has created a big void that hurts.
With you, four years passed like four hours and these last four days passed like four minutes. And today, each minute seems like a decade.
Tell me, won’t it hurt?
I know it will be difficult to convince the society, the families about us, but if you give up on me, it will hurt more, cause I never did.
My love, we will walk past all these and will together forever cause then it won’t hurt.