This line has knocked my mind for quite a long time now. While watching the movie “Dear Zindagi” the psychiatrist Dr. Jehangir Khan tells his patient Kayra, “Har tooti hui cheez judi jaa sakti hai” which means the title of this blog.

Well, every time I think of this line, plenty of thoughts accumulate in my mind. Can we really fix anything that is broken? Be it a toy or be it a huge car or be it our heart, is there really someone who can actually fix all of them?

I remember, when I was a kid, I was pretty much destructive. If I would get any toy, I used to break it to every single piece possible. I have seen my dad collecting those pieces and assembling them back. There were some showpieces in our TV cabinet which were made of glasses. I have seen one of them was broken accidentally and yes, my dad fixed it. Point is, there would be some marks left on it which also could be redecorated. It might not look the same again, but it also might end up looking more beautiful, you never know!

A superclass car might meet with an accident and turns into a scrap, but trust me, those scraps could again be used to make another one. Recycling is also a procedure of fixing a broken thing. A recycled product is never the same as original, but it could be even more stronger and better. We all must have seen that a used army jeep is being used again for wildlife safari.

So, now coming back to our daily life, if you ever feel useless, like a scrap, trust me you could come out of it even stronger. You might be going through a heartbreak but leaving hope on your own self is never an option. There will be thousands and thousands of people, going to office and working just for the sake of pocket and has a dream of becoming something else. Situation might not have been in favor of you. But trust me, that earning from your present job might be helpful for you to live the other dream in near future.

You might have been abandoned someday by your parents, partner, friends, kids. Don’t let yourself down. In the fear of being left all over again, you do not have to leave everyone first. Take your time, you will surely find your keeper. Maybe you are in an orphanage, or in an old-age home or standing at the court for your divorce, but you never know in the next moment you might meet someone who will be a keeper. It is certainly not necessary that your keeper is going to be your life partner. It could be any of your friends, or it could be several friends, it could be your pet (someone who will love you unconditionally).

If you think, you have lost it in yourself, think about the girl who was attacked with acid and still stood stronger. She might not look as beautiful as she was, but her inner beauty will not be faded. The incident might make her hide in her home or she could come out of all the fear for her lifetime and stand strong to punish the attackers and be an inspiration for everyone.

Whatever situation you might be in, do not let it control you. If you are feeling weak, stop hiding. Go out, make friends, talk. If you need a therapist, it’s normal. Go and talk your heart out. Just like the scraps needs a mechanic to get a better shape, your therapist is your mechanic. Pull up your sleeves, walk ahead and do whatever makes you feel happy. Be left for thousand times, maybe the keeper is the next one. It is okay to be abandoned by someone else, rather than your inner self. Never leave yourself alone. It’s absolutely okay to not to be the same person, but be the better everyday.

If you are reading this and feeling lonely, I am not a therapist, but yes, we can talk. Come in the comment section and we will talk.

Take care.