Hello Readers!!! Welcome back to another post of my blog.

In this blog I will be talking about the people, whom we don’t see much speaking their heart out or participating actively in any conversation, be it boring or interesting, they are always busy in their own world.

Yes, I will be talking about the introvert people.

I have two friends, who are introverts and they don’t like to go out for parties, drink or even for a smoke. I used to think, what exactly are the things running through their minds, and what is the reason that they seem to be so reserved on their own.

Everyone have their own perception about the people who talk less, and we are used to the people who love shouting, displaying dominance over others and showing off about their coolness.

We all know that introvert people participate very less in conversations, but it can’t override the fact that they are very intelligent, and they are much happy in their life than we are, with our back-bitching gossips and … you know what I am talking about.

There are many myths revolving around the introvert people. Some of the examples are:

  • They don’t like to talk
  • They are rude
  • They are shy
  • They don’t know how to chill and relax

It really feels bad, when people understand them wrongly. I will give you a small example to make my point clear. The introverts don’t talk much, but when they speak, they make sure that everyone is going to listen and respect their point of views.

The introvert people are so busy, in their world, and they are so lost in their own world, they don’t find the other things interesting.

Just imagine, when you are completely pissed off, and want to leave everything and go “somewhere else” so that you can get some peace of mind on the other hand the “not so happening” and “not so socializing people”- the Introverts are already “there” all the time.

Introvert people do and want to do everything that we all do; the only difference is they are less show offs with little or almost no emotional drama or any attraction towards wasting the time in social media.

The above views and comments are completely my personal point of view, please feel free to tell us, what your point of view is.