We Indians are the most confused set of species ever. We don’t know what exactly we want yet we call ourselves the most sorted human beings. I mean there’s so much talk about freedom of speech here but when someone speaks the way he/she is, people go mad and lash out at them like crazy.

Recently I watched the controversial episode of Coffee with Karan featuring Hardik Pandya and K.L.Rahul. I just wanted to see what exactly the whole fuss is about. However, it left me confused about what actually the whole controversy was about and why were people going mad about the episode. Was it because Hardik Pandya said his family is quite open about sex talk? Was it because he said he has dated multiple women? Was it because he told his dad when he lost his virginity? Or was it because he said he was not good in asking the girls name in the first instance when he met them?

He was banned by the same board where people might be talking about all these stuff among themselves off the camera or in parties. It’s not just with Hardik Pandya, when the famous comedy band AIB performed their Roast Comedy with Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, people went crazy about the language used in front of 4000people and then the online audience. However, they ignored the fact that the whole show was done for a charity fund and it was us who further increased the views all over social media contributing to that. Again, our confused audience went crazy because they did not like the way profanity was used in front of the world and they ended up using the same in the comments box of the videos which is again a public platform. I’m still confused about the fact that if people could not tolerate such high use of profanity in front of the world then why were they doing the same while commenting on these posts on social media which has the highest count of audience in the world.

It’s been 110 Years since cricket was invented and down since day-one there are teams and players who are famous for their high use of profanity and sledging during the matches. Teams like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and England are famous for sledging and abusing the players of the opposite team. We Indians never liked it when it was done to our players and we desperately wanted someone who could retaliate to such behavior on the field. However when the same gesture was shown towards other teams by the likes of Virat Kohli, Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth(I’m not talking about his fixing thing here), it was considered to be an indiscipline behavior by their own people. There have been multiple instances when Indian Cricketers have been fined for “misbehavior” on the field.

We call this a democratic country where everyone has the right to speak their minds but why do we tend act the other way around when someone talks real. It’s not something new that Hardik Pandya was talking on that show. We have heard people talk such things at multiple occasion and have enjoyed the same too (not all the time though). We are still not happy about the fact that Virat Kohli openly use abuses on the field and retaliates to sledging with higher intensity than the players in the opposite side. We end up remembering the number of times he has abused ignoring his performance.

Funny part is that the country that discovered Kama Sutra doesn’t want its people to talk about sex at all. Neither in front of an audience nor with parents. What more would you expect from a country that teaches the diagrams of reproductive organs of human and animals in the name of Sex Education? In fact, they don’t even call it Sex Education rather make it a part of Biology and skip the chapter most of the time.

We only like people till the time they are talking the way we like but start hating them once there’s a difference in opinion. It’s been high time we speak and let others speak. We are a population of 1.5 million which is growing each day and it won’t be a shock that someone has a different opinion and language than other. I’m not here supporting anyone. I’m just reminding everyone that we are a democratic and an independent country and we all have all the right to choose our opinion and express it in our own way and language. Be it good or bad, people will have something to talk about and that’s again their right which no one has asked them to refrain from.

Happy Republic Day!🇮🇳