Hey everyone! This will be a quick read blog. This time I am back with a positive and motivating thought.

In everyone’s life there comes a situation when there is no one with you and you must take some decisions alone – irrespective of whether you have taken an important decision before or not, irrespective of whether your decision will be correct or not.

At that time, you cannot force someone else to be with you and help you in taking that decision. If the other person has negative thoughts, he/she will force you to take the decision based on his/her advantage. This will lead you to a bad situation.

I’ll explain this in a small story.

There was a girl studying Mass Communication and had big dreams. She wanted to be a director of movies. She had her mind set towards the goal and she was happy about it. However, life put her in a situation which she could not even imagine. Her father died due to some disease. Her mother was the only family she was left with. She could not depend upon relatives, as everyone was busy in their own life. It was a very tough situation for her. She did not know how to cope up with her expenses. Her mother was very old to work and earn for the family. Hence she took a decision which changed her life forever.

She left her studies in between and started working. For her, it didn’t matter where she worked, what kind of job it is. She wanted money, so she started working to support her family and fulfil their needs. She started working in a call centre – where jobs are always available. With her strong determination, she was able to meet their basic needs by doing whatever was required. Be it working in night shifts or working overtime, doing the best she could. She stood to be the best employee for 6 months when it came to rankings.

She was rewarded with monetary incentives for extra efforts that she used to put in for meeting the targets. She was promoted within a year which was very tough to believe for her colleagues. Even her best friend (office colleague) was jealous of her success, which is human nature. Her office colleagues including her best friend stopped talking to her because of jealousy. She did not care about anything because she knew that she wasn’t wrong in any way. She is now getting a good salary and can meet her family’s needs and expectations. Not only she started saving, but along with that, she bought some comfortable furniture for her home, which seemed to be luxury like modern sofas and bed for her mom along with other small things.

I call her a Supergirl.

What do you think?

Is she Happy?

Yes. She has changed herself in a way which made her mother proud. She has also made her father proud… If he is still up somewhere and looking at her… He can proudly say that “she is my Daughter”

We don’t know when and how life will put us in a situation where we will be all alone, and we will be forced to take decision completely on our own. At that time, we might not be able to take help from anyone else.

That will be all from my side now. Don’t forget to let me know how’s the story, in the comment section below. It really motivates me in writing more blogs and articles. Please, let me know if you would like to hear the 2nd part of the story. Would you like to know what happened to the Supergirl and her dream of being a director? Did she meet someone? A partner for her life?  Stay tuned… For now, it’s time to say goodbye.