“Why did this happen to Me? What wrong did I do that I have to deal with this? Will this continue forever? Will my boss keep using me like his personal whore all his life!? Will people keep calling me with Anti-Nationalist and Racist Slurs for no reason?”

With a tear in my eye, I just sat there in the corner seat of the public bus asking all these questions to myself. I was supposed to be on bed rest because I had been suffering jaundice and was completely weak, but I was called for work by my boss because of shortage of Men and had to extend three hours for which I was not going to get paid. Above all, I had to bear with his abusive behavior towards me for being slow even though he was aware of my condition.

I went back home and spoke to my Mom and Dad about what was happening, and they asked me to leave the job right away.

“But I have no other option!? If I leave this job, then I have nothing else to do.”

“First we need to look after your health. Once you’re good then we’ll think about the work. We’ll find a way out. God is Great! Believe in Him! He won’t make you suffer for long.” said my Mom. That was it! I called my boss right away, told him that I’m leaving the job and what an asshole he was.

After about 15 days of rest, my health improved and now I was a bored sitting all day at home. I just needed a chance to get out of home for a while and finally I found one when my brother had to attend an exam. I accompanied him to the examination center. I decided to explore that locality (which I wanted to do because I’ve heard a lot about how beautiful it was) because I was not allowed inside the examination center and I had nothing to do for the next 3 hours. I had heard about this company which was said to be one of the largest IT Industries in the World. They had one of their premises in this area which was said to be the largest one in the city. I thought of checking it out. I asked some people around and they showed me the direction.

So, I started walking with my earphones on. It was a bit of a longer walk but I was healthy and hydrated enough now to walk all the way. I finally reached there and saw the company’s premises from the outside. It looked way more beautiful than the pictures. I thought of trying to explore it even more from the outside itself and asked one of the security guards about how many entrances this premise had because the entrance where I stood had “Gate-1” written on it so there must be other Gates as well. I was told that they had 3 more gates. Gate2 and 3 to my left and the 4th one to my right. So, I went towards Gate-4 just to check out the place further. Then I went towards Gate-2 and then further to Gate-3 where I could see employees coming out for break as there were a lot of food stalls and tea vendors there. I just kept admiring the beauty of that whole premises from the outside while drinking some tea from one of the vendors.

“What are you looking at?” asked the tea vendor.

“Nothing! Just looking at this company’s buildings. Looks beautiful. People around here look so happy. I wish even I worked here. Anyways! Don’t think that’s going to happen.” I just said knowing that I’ll never be able to make it there. Not because I wasn’t qualified enough but because I did not have my graduation certificates with me. It was withheld by my college illegally (will come to that story some other time) and they had asked me to pay a huge amount if I ever wanted them back. I was unable to pay the amount and so had to do these small jobs of selling garments in a Cheap Garment Shop where they would treat their employees like trash.

Anyways! I just walked back to my brother’s examination center as he was done with his exam and headed back home.

I still have no idea what happened or how it happened but three days later, I found myself sitting in an interview for the same company. To be honest, I was reluctant about attending the interview as I knew I won’t be able to join but my brother forced me to come as he was also attending the interview. Maybe God was in a good mood when I said “…I wish I worked here…” that day because I was able to crack the interview in the first go itself. I had my documentation after a week and I had no idea how I will be able to get that done because I had nothing with me.

So, I headed back to the city where I did my graduation and went to my college to give it a try. A major turn of events caused me to be able to get all my certificates without any problem or without paying them a single penny. I ran back home the same day and successfully got my documentation done following week.

A Mother's Prayer, A Wish Granted 2

I Made It!(That was clicked in my first week)

I was not only inside the company’s premises but will be working there now. I attended my induction, collected my new ID Card and came to Gate-3 (a place with which I’m emotionally attached now) to the same tea vendor. The guy gave me a smile and just said something I’ve heard previously “God is Great! Believe in Him! He won’t make you suffer for long.”

He made me realize that it was not my Wish that came true. It was my Mother’s prayer that was answered. This whole story that happened with me glorified the power of a Mother’s Prayer.

A Mother's Prayer, A Wish Granted 3


So I just want to say that if you’re going through a rough phase then all you’ve got to do is trust the process, go with the flow and most importantly, talk to your family and especially your Mother. You’ll see things getting better even if she just say “Do not worry kiddo! Things will be fine.”