When we all sleep, we go into a different world. A world of imaginations where we start dreaming about things.

Things which we want to happen.

Scenarios which we never want to happen.

Random people coming into our dreams whom we don’t know. But later on when the same person comes in real life, the face seems to be seen somewhere. 

When a new person joins our life, we take time to adapt onto them but slowly and steadily… If you like the way they live their life and adjusts with the way we live ours. Someway or the other – we become friends. 

Not only friends, there are so many relations two person can have with each other. A relation of a brother, sister, friend, uncle, aunt etc. 

Has it ever happened with you? 

You saw someone and you want that girl/boy to be with you forever. You want someone to be in your life and play a role. 

Yesterday i met someone and found the same connection which I was looking for. That connection which you do not want in everyone else.

In our second meet, we went to a movie where we kissed. 

It was not a normal kiss, it was something which I had never imagined about. It was that much special to me.

What does it take for a good kiss? 

A proper use of lips including tongue and the continuous breath in between the lips.. But the most important part which we all miss is the person whom we are kissing.

“All it takes to have a perfect kiss is the perfect person” 

A dream came true 2After the movie, we went to a coffee shop and shared our thoughts. Our life style, our good habits, our past experiences and almost touched every topic of our lives. 

She started saying about her studies, what plans she have, how she wants to earn so much of money and achieve her own goals after doing MBA. I also shared that I want to visit London once and different places in UK. Also want to visit Eiffel tower in Paris during winter. I would love to watch Eiffel tower with a cup of tea in my hand from my tree house and someone special to be in my arms.A dream came true 3I don’t know how but we started planning tours and trips together. Made a promise to each other about how we gonna plan and work out things. 

I was happy that finally i met the girl – i was waiting for my whole life. The best girl whom i can trust upon. She was ready to accept my past failures and was ready to motivate me enough for the future endeavors. What else do i want? 

I was mad in her love from the first day when we started talking in our Metro ride. Yes you read it correct, we met in a metro. Where everyone were busy going to their destinations – i forgot to get down at my station. She was going to her home, I don’t know why but i gave her a company till her home. The 12 minutes walk from the metro till her home was the best ever moment in my life. I got to know her name, number, how many family members are there and many more things. 

Then suddenly something happened. I felt a vibration, a strong sound, like someone is screaming in my ears.  I tried to find out what’s happening. When I opened my eyes – I was depressed to see that it was 6 AM in the morning and all of that was just a dream. I could not believe that it was just a dream. I literally started to cry and then came back to real world after few minutes. 

I laughed out loud to myself. Started my jogging and came back home after an hour of work out in the gym. 

I don’t know why but installed Tinder in my phone and the first girl i swiped a right to was the same girl whose image was still there in my mind. Guess what – it matched as well. 

As i said earlier – 

“Random people coming into our dreams whom we don’t know. But later on when the same person comes in real life, the face seems to be seen somewhere. “

I have a movie plan with her today. I have also booked tables in the coffee shop. I’m so excited to meet her. Wish me good luck. 

For now, I’ll bid you a goodbye. Take care. 

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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