Hello dear netizens,

Did you just rolled your eyes reading “old school valentine’s Day”? Let me clarify that I don’t believe that love have any expiry date or limited time period. However, I believe that our ways to express love, changes every decade, according to our preferences, lifestyle, and global consumer market.

I feel now days love is pretty much dependent on social media. FB status, picture of gifts, day out, couple picture and cosy videos confirm or confuse our relationship status. They are used to display our feelings in our social circle and establish a relationship.

Though I feel there is nothing wrong in publishing your romance and affection in this way, but I wanted something different this year. I wanted my old school valentine’s Day feeling and wanted to try out things I used to do earlier, to celebrate this valentine’s Day.

No WhatsApp or FB wishes, I wrote letters:

We keep wishing good morning and good nights other days. This time I wrote few letters and kept them in few places. I sms’ed him to check for my letters from time to time and uninstalled WhatsApp for the day to keep the anxiety rush as I don’t want to talk in every minute and share my updates. Later I was informed that the emotions were contiguous and he could feel my touch through my words.

I didn’t book a cab:

I didn’t book a cab and didn’t let him. Being in a different city, we always rely on cabs to reach to a destination. However, this time I was just waiting near his house standing, without any cab. There is no destination I wanted to reach, there is no time I am bounded to. I just wanted his time and company. We just had a walk hand in hand and talk in between about the day and tease about the idea of letters. Lol!

We didn’t go to a mall or movie hall or restaurant:

These three places I just mentioned was too common and we go there every time we get in our weekends. So, we ditched those places and took an auto to a nearby place. There is an alley , I saw earlier, have few food stalls and small shops. We went there and had roadside food. I found some nice earrings too and poked him for a gift. Later on our way back we found candyfloss and lemon soda as well. This tastes took me way back to my teenage times.

We didn’t order food, we cooked:

We didn’t order food via app and cooked food for dinner. I cut the vegetables while he made fun of their shapes and he quickly made a dish while I teased him about his culinary skills and specially how he he holds the cooking spoon while frying . At last we enjoyed our dinner at home with steaming rice and a vegetable-paneer dish.

No gadgets in gift :

Instead of gifting any gadgets, I gifted a book this time. No kindle or e-book, an real physical book covered in brown paper with untouched fresh smell of pages. I wrote a sweet message about the day’s memory and date and my signature. (Off course the book is on the topic,of something he is interested in.)

So, this was how the day went as I planned. My aim was not using everyday apps and technology and feel something I would remember by heart.

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